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Airport database is empty / creating route: cannot find airport with ICAO code ...


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When creating a route and the error message appears that an airport with ICAO code "...." could not be found, then most probably the airport database is empty.


If the airport database is empty, then the DataProvider could not properly create the database.



Usually there are the following causes for this:


1) The path to the file "scenery.cfg" is not properly set.


If the path to the "scenery.cfg" is not properly set, the DataProvider doesn't know where to find all the scenery files to be analyzed. If it doesn't know these files, the database cannot be created.


To verify whether the path is correct, open the DataProvider settings, select the tab "Simulators" and then the simulator type.

Then verify whether the file "scenery.cfg" is located in the folder which is set as the "Scenery.cfg folder".


For FSX the path is:  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Fsx

For P3D v3 it is:         C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

For P3D v4 it is:         C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4


NOTE: Unfortunately a "scenery.cfg" file can also be found in the installation folder of FSX. This file is not the file that is used, neither by FSX nor be the DataProvider. So be careful to not mistakenly set the path to this file.



2) The content of the file "scenery.cfg" does not agree with the current installation on the computer, or the content is corrupted and contains wrong path names.


Sometimes the content of the scenery.cfg file is corrupted and certain path names are not valid. This might come from errors while trying to install a scenery, or while manipulating the content of the scenery.cfg using so called scenery-config-editors, or - last but not least - from manual editing the file using notepad.exe or any other text editor.


If path names are not valid, or paths do not exist, then the DataProvider can also not properly create the EFB database.



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