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zoom issues

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Hi all-


I'm using the trial version. Install went fine.


I set the cockpit zoom to .30 in the RealAir legacy. CNTRL + 8 for forward view.


CNTRL left arrow to get view out over left engine/wing.


Hit NUM 8 to go back to forward view and zoom is now .70


How do I keep the .30 zoom?




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I'm so pleased I found this question. If I load ConcordeX in P3D the default zoom is 0.3 (even though the value is 0.7 in the camera.cfg) and that is perfect for the Captain's seat view. But when I started SimpleCam the default zoom became 0.7 and I was having to position the Captain's view around 4 feet behind his seat. That meant I then needed to zoom in to get the instruments into view but doing that killed the wide angle view including the views out of the left windows.


I changed the default zoom to 0.3 in camera.cfg for the virtual cockpit and have been able to setup perfect views now for the Captain's seat. This is especially important for Concorde as the nose blocks the view of the runway but once it's down the view is perfect. :-D

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