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Which folders must be shared on a two computer setup

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The following steps are meant to be applied on a Windows 7 or Windows

Vista computer if you want to run EFB on a two computer setup.


A) Overview


On a two-computer-setup you must first share two folders which are

located on your FSX machine.


Folder #1)



Folder #2) C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files


(Please replace [username] by your username on your computer)



After these two folders have been shared they must be selected from the

DisplayUnit's settings dialog (Folders and Links tab):

Folder #1 -> Provider data folder

Folder #2 -> FSX Flightplans



B) If Folder #1 is not available/visible


If folder #1 is not available (= not visible) in the Windows Explorer,

then you must proceed as follows. If it is already visible then you may

go forward to C).


1) Start "Windows Explorer", not Internet Explorer.

2) On the top left corner you see a menu item called "Organize"

3) Open the menu item, then select "Layout" and check whether the item

"Menu bar" is selected. If the "Menu bar" is not yet selected, please do.

4) At the "Menu bar" select "Tools -> Folder options ..."

5) Select the second tab, called "View"

6) Search for the option "Hidden files and folders"

7) Select "Show hidden files, folders and drives"

8) Press "OK" and close the Windows Explorer

9) Start Windows Explorer and you should find the folder:




10) Now share this folder for "Everyone, Read & Write"



C) How to share the folders


1) Please navigate to


using the Windows-Explorer

2) in the left pane of the explorer right-click on this folder to see

the context sensitive menu.

3) Now choose "Share with" > "Specific people". A dialog with the title

"Choose people to share with" should appear.

4) From the "drop-down-menu" (press the "down-arrow" beneath the "Add"

button)select "Everyone" and press "Add"

5) On the row "Everyone" in column "Permission level" select "Read/Write"

6) Press "Share"



7) Do the same (step C1 to C6) for the "Flight Simulator X Files" folder

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