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Read BEFORE you post!

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The following rules must be followed by anyone choosing to post in the AivlaSoft support forum.


1) Since this is a worldwide support forum please write your posts in English.


2) Before you post, read the EFB operations manual carefully. You will find a lot of answers therein.


3) Search before post! Please try to find answers and/or solutions using the search functionality of this forum.


4) You have to sign your posts with your real first name.


5) Posting of copyrighted material (e.g. navigation data) is not allowed. In any doubt please contact support@aivlasoft.com for clarification.


6) You agree not to post any abusive, untrue, offensive, or inappropriate content or content that is forbidden by law on these forums. Doing so can cause your account on these forums to get banned or removed. You also agree that administrators and moderators are permitted to edit, delete, move or lock your topics when they think this is needed.



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