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Installing AIRAC cycle, folder settings

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Any AIRAC cycle (either from Aerosoft or Navigraph) is consisting of two folders:


1) "NavData"



Within these two folders all the required data files for a certain AIRAC cycle can be found. The first folder "NavData" contains a file named "cycle_info.txt" which can be opened using any text editor (like "Notepad.exe"). In this file one can read the version of the AIRAC cycle. If different cycles are installed on the same machine, this information helps to identify which cycle is in which folders.


The setup program (Navigraph or Aerosoft) usually allows to select where (into which folder) you want to have the cycle installed. This information is required later when setting/verifying the folder name for that data.


From the DataProvider's menu "Extras" > "Settings", then select tab "Navigation data" one can select the folder of which cycle is to be used. It's important to always select the folder name which is hierarchically ABOVE the two folders mentioned at the beginning of this post.


In any doubt which folder name must be set in the DataProvider's settings, just open your Windows Explorer, navigate to the place where you have the cycle installed, and then find out the name of the folder which is above "NavData" and "SIDSTARS". If the folder is set properly, then EFB will use the right navigation data cycle.

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