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Flying online / Online data processing

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To understand the data flow when flying online it must be distinguished between three different data sources:


A) Static data:

Static data contains information about FIR boundaries and names. It is read once at startup. Static data comes from local data files which originally came from the desktop applications "The Eye" (IVAO) or "ServInfo" (VATSIM). These files can also be downloaded from the AivlaSoft download page.


B) Dynamic data (low refresh rate):

The information about active flights/pilots and active controllers is downloaded from the AivlaSoft server and is refreshed every 5 minutes for IVAO data and every 2 minutes for VATSIM data. We cannot change this intervals, they have been prescribed by the online network officials.


C) Dynamic data (high refresh rate):

"Traffic" data about other aircraft (position, altitude, speed, etc), provided from the pilot client software like "IvAp" (IVAO) or "FSinn"/"SquawkBox" (VATSIM). The pilot client software is sending this data to FSX (via SimConnect) and is read by EFB via SimConnect.



Known issues:

Everyone can observe online traffic with freeware tools like "VATSpy", "ServInfo", or via the IVAO "WebEye" just to name a few. Using these tools and programs does not always show the identical information like the dynamic data which is downloaded via the AivlaSoft server mentioned above (B). This is due to the different intervals which are used to retrieve the latest data.


If controllers are using callsigns (B) which are not defined in the static data files (A) it can happen that EFB cannot determine which FIR is controlled by the controller. As a result of this an active ATC might not be shown in EFB.


SimConnect is used by a lot of add-ons and advanced aircraft too (e.g. PMDG 737 NGX, Majestic Dash 8). If there are too many requests from all these programs, SimConnect gets overloaded. In such a situation it might happen that traffic data is no longer forwarded to EFB and as a result of this EFB cannot show traffic data anymore.

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