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  1. Thanks for reply Urs - what about coordinates?
  2. Hello, I have quick question. How can I rid of the data from the picture attached? (I mean big number 20 showing on map and coordinates?) Best regards, Arkadiusz Miodowski
  3. Hello Urs, As requested. Arek downloadVatsim.tmp
  4. Hello, I tried to check EFB2 with VATSIM. While I can see traffic on ground and in the air, there is a problem with ATC, there is none. I have checked VATSIM in EFB Client settings and checked boundaries on map. Unfortunately, when I open EFB Client after EFB Server there is an error in the attached file. Best, ArekserverLogfile.txt
  5. Thanks for explanation Urs. However I cannot see ATC on VATSIM on map... Best, Arek
  6. Agree on this. The same situation in VATSIM
  7. At what time EFB should be available to download? 00:00 zulu?
  8. Hello Urs, Happy user of Aivlasoft EFB, really love it :). As we know, the 64 bit v4 of P3D were announced today. Have question, have you been involved in beta testing with EFB? Could you make a stand if EFB version 1.xx will be compatible with P3D v4 or we will have to wait for version 2.xx? Thanks! Arkadiusz Miodowski
  9. The same problem here. It seems that EFB doesn't see some CTR controllers. Airport ATCs seems to work well... Best, Arek
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