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  1. Hi I have latest airac etc , but Taxiway AS and hold points ie: A1 M1 WI don't show . Can't show img as file is to big
  2. Hi sent to support@aivlasoft.com
  3. Hi I've sent 4 emails , checked my sent folder they have gone, to get licence key to efb v1 so i can get discount on v2 Regards Malcolm
  4. Hi I sent you an email 22nd June 2018 to - support@aivlasoft.com for reactivation ,but not had a reply . ( yes checked junk spam folders etc ) Could you be so kind and respond .
  5. Hi Gert I have all the same settings as you , all I needed to do was update the data provider . All working now thanks a lot All I need now is a fix for the PMDG T7 and 73 FMC freezing in P3D V3 . . Regards
  6. the last image is trying to load a route from route finder btw
  7. Hi I've changed my Path to match yours but its still not working . I've added 4 images I'd be grateful if anyone could help to fix . Regards
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