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  1. Not really, only for me and my friends from our virtual company. In between, I am over 70!!! But we try to cope with the newest challenges. Quite in a satisfying way. Your help has been very precious to solve our problem. We do speak English, not too bad for Frenchies but some help is always welcome. Best regards and thanks from Paris France daniel Kittler
  2. Ah Ah! I try it "again" in the next five minutes. Thank you for your answer and your help. After years with EFB1 we are now older and in fact elderlies !!!:) Best regards daniel
  3. Hi, we have a payware version of EFB2. We have now updated. And we cannot find how the button "Internet" can create a flight plan. The only available option is "copy/paste" in green. Internet is dead!! The manual is of no help for this question. Please could bring some light. Weare tired to try this and that during hours. Thanks in advance Daniel Kittler
  4. Hi hpr, I am to follow your suggestion in the very next minutes. Thanks a lot. Just a word to praise the developers and the very reactive and friendly forum. D.
  5. Ah! Ah! Great and fine! Done! Solved! The interface is superb and very comfortable. A great product for me, I'm using a least once a day. Aivlasoft still the best! daniel from Paris
  6. Thanks for the help Now it's OK but Aivlasoft says Airec outdated when building the database. But it works so
  7. HI UFO 968! Thnks a lot. It was a bit frustrating ? FHave nice flights Daniel
  8. Exactly, have a look to my other post Daniel
  9. Hi, there is still a problem with the new file ( Aivlasoft 2)from Navigraph. When building the database , Aivlasoft write the airac are outdated ???? Daniel
  10. Hallo, there is a rather simple solution. You can copy and drop in the right place the "Ready"folder into server>dbBuilder. Inside you have the missing folder + some others. Put "Ready" as said and the server and the client will work correctly. It is secure and so you can wait on the coming fix and use the new EFB2). Just data from us and nothing from Aivlasoft ; here a link to download mine (in fact the one of another member of my virtual company) >>https://www.dropbox.com/sh/drklcd4lxue8am5/AACCiK6MYNPsnlI201TgeQTNa?dl=0<< It's not a solution just a work around to reduce the frustration Daniel
  11. Everything seems to be correct but by dbBuilding I get 2 errors. The most significative is that Ready>>>>P3DV4ng can't be found. This file has been created but remains empty. The Server closes down. I've tried to use the P3DV4ng files from a friend of mine and then the server and client works as awaited. I''ve whitelisted P3D4 and Aivlasoft in Microsoft antivirus but with no result. What could I do? Thanks and regards Daniel
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