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  1. I tried out EFB2 with some friends who also use JOIN FS and it DOES SEEM to work so I have been able to answer my own question.
  2. Can the EFB v2 be used to connect to Multiplayer as I do not use Vpilot for this purpose?
  3. Hi, I do not use Vpilot to do Multiplayer flying... I use Join FS. Is EFB compatible with this? David Hack
  4. Thank you all, I think I'll give Simbrief a try.
  5. Hi ,Abit of confusion here, I select 'create route' and see 'select route provider' there is one called 'route finder in a box' . Question.... Is that the only one in this program? I seem to recall that there was more in v1?
  6. I have viewed these manuals before i sent the question,it does not seem very clear .
  7. Hi, Can you please advise before I install v2 ......Is it required to install v2 on the same drive as my sim (P3D v4.3) or can it be on another? Thank, David Hack.
  8. Hi ,I have accessed the information on the Cleverbridge Support site but no information regarding my purchase of EFB. I am sure I bought EFB after the date you mentioned .Can you please assist further, David Hack
  9. Dear Sirs, Following a major need to reinstall my flight sim software can you please assist me in getting my registration code for EFB ,regards, David Hack.
  10. Hi ,I have Active SKY and I wish to Add it to my EFB weather, can anyone tell me what the correct description will be in the Active Sky data file for P3D please?, David Hack
  11. Hi All, I think I have finally solved my problem, I have been digging deeply into my system files for the cause of the 'missing airports' I searches in P3Dv4.1 addons ,in there I found a reference to FSLABS A320X .I deleted these files completely (As this program is not installed at the moment) and re-ran the Scenery Data update. RESULT : The amber warning entry is gone............ Now my previous saved flight plans are up and running again.
  12. Hi, In the absence of a remedy for this problem,it seems I am left with two possible options. 1) Try to reinstall my EFB completely in the hope that the cause of the problem will be resolved. I am not sure if this is a viable option because bits of programmes always seem to be left after an uninstall,so the cause of problem will still remain in my system. 2) Wait tell the release of version 2 of EFB, this could be a lengthy wait of weeks or months. I have a suspicion that a remnant of FSL A32OX could be the cause of the problem, when I carry out a scenery data update the reference to the FSL A320x is the only item with an 'amber'caution marker next to it.David
  13. Hi I removed the FSLabs A320 from my sim ,I have done several Scenery data updates since, I have removed all references of the FSL A320 that I ca find, but it still appears on my scenery log, David
  14. Hi, On the log file I recently sent you there was a reference to the FSLabs A320, which has been deleted .Also when I trey to open a previously saved EFB flight plan, I get the error box saying 'Create route from flightplan: Origin airport with ICAO EGLL int available in FSX ' Fsx has never been installed in this computer. Should I now be considering a complete reinstall of EFB? David
  15. Hi ,I can see one difference, your airports count says =10, mine says =0, I hope our friends at Aivlasoft can assist us, David
  16. Hi Please find attached logfile, David Hack DataProviderLogfile.txt
  17. Hi, Can you tell me where the logfile is located please? David Hack
  18. Further to my previous post , do you think that I should carry out a complete uninstall/reinstall of EFB? David Hack
  19. Hi, My Aivlasoft EFB has been working like a Swiss watch for a long time,now ever since that Win 10 update (maybe coincidentally)it's not, my Scenery .cfg folder is set to...C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 ... I know I did not change it.
  20. I have just tried to create another EFB flight plan only to find it cannot find the departure airport.
  21. Hi ,I am now finding that EFB is not recognising airports, a couple of weeks ago I saved a flightplan in EFB. Now when I go to load that plightplan (BIKF Keflavik to EKVG VAGAR I get an error box saying ' Create route from flightplan: Origin airport with ICAO code BIKF is not available in FSX' Firstly I do not have FSX installed (P3D v4.1) .... secondly I have carried out a scenery update. Can you please advise on this please? David Hack in the opening page on the Data Provider connection with P3D is established. In addition Win 10 did an update which caused a few issues,
  22. Hi ,I have recently reinstalled Aivlasoft EFB onto my new Pc. I am having a problem setting Navigraph into my Navigation Data in the 'Data provider' I am obviously getting something wrong as when I go into 'Data' to start a scenery database build ,I cannot....... I get a message starting with a 'red'circle 'Navigation data path C:\Program Files\Aivlasoft\EFB\SIDSTARS' doesn't exist. Please verify the DataProvider settings and make sure the Navigraph data folder is correct. I am using Win 10 and I have a Navigraph subscription. At the moment I am unsure whether it is an Aivlasoft problem or Navigraph. Ca you please help? David Hack. In addition I have an Aivlasoft EFB code but the 'Enter licence key' button is greyed out.
  23. Hi Ray, I notice you're are in site of your 66th birthday you will get your wish before long. I have reached 70 ,I am looking forward to the next version of EFB or whatever it will be called.
  24. When we finally have v2 in our hot little hands, will it be a completely stand alone program or a major addon to v1?
  25. Hi ,I think I need to reinstal/repair efb ver. can I install over the existing or do I need to uninstall first , I would like to retain my settings?
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