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  1. Would it be possible to include a readout of OWN aircraft altitude on the display screen next to OWN aircraft symbol? This information is very helpful while being vectored by ATC etc. Some of the FSX panel displays are not readily readable without zooming which is a pain while in a busy environment. V1 had this feature which I really miss. Perhaps that information could be included on one of the side panels? BTW just really like V2. Well worth the money. I of course miss some of the V1 features like the ATC frequency tape and ATC sector boundaries but on the whole V2 is a vast improvement. Keep up the good work.
  2. Thanks for the screen shot. I don't believe the operating manual addresses this issue to first click and highlight the line in question then click the Browse Button in the upper left hand corner to search for the folder where you desire to send the flight plan file. In any event thanks.
  3. I found the solution in the Client Settings/Folders where you can set the input path for EFB Routes or Aircraft Profiles or Flight Logs, etc. Moved to proper forum by Admin
  4. I've noticed that a flightplan exported from PFPX V2.03 can be sent to C:\Users\Username/\Documents\Aviasoft\EFB\UserData\Routes in efbr format but the directory structure of EFB2 is C;\Users\Username\Documents\Aviasoft\EFB2\Client\Routes for fllight plans. I don't believe the export path from PFPX can be changed. PFPX flightplans can be exported to FSX as .pln files but the file structure of EFB2 is not selectable for this location. Is there a way around this dilema?? I believe the EFB1 allowed the user to specify the path to imported routes?? Moved to proper forum by Admin
  5. Vatsim traffic is not displaying on enroute IFR charts. I'm using the latest version of EFB 1.6.14 but this problem started a few weeks ago before I installed the lasted version. The bar VECT/WIND/TRFC/OPTV showing but the TRFC and OPTV area is greyed out. Any help would be most appreciated. Noel Anderson Sheaffield, CT
  6. Following a suggestion on the Navigraph Forum I brought up the Navigraph FMS Data Manager program on my desktop and selected Aviasoft EFB, PMDG All Products, and PFPX Professional Flight Planner X...then pressed the retore key and those databases reverted back to 1704. Now all works as advertised for now at least. Noel Anderson Sheffield, MA
  7. Anyone have any ideas. There are several comments on the Navigraph Support Forum reporting the same issue. Noel Anderson Sheffield, MA
  8. I noticed when I'm on the ground at an airport and viewing the ground chart there is no traffic shown other than my aircraft with a red aircraft symbol. When I'm at a large airports such as London Heathrow (EGLL) I do see FSX landing traffic visually out the cockpit window and other taxiway traffic which is talking with ATC in Vpilot. After takeoff I do see other ATC traffic in Magenta on the departure and enrounte charts. Is there a way to "turn on" ground traffic?? Thanks. Other that that minor complaint I really love teh program and find it immensely useful. Thanks. Noel Anderson Sheffield, MA.
  9. Hi I'm using version 1.6.5 and if I remember correctly the altitude of my own airplane displayed alongside the red airplane icon on the map screen but no longer appears. Is there a seting somewhere to control this feature? Thanks very much for any direction. Noel Anderson Sheffield, MA.
  10. Thanks very much. Your suggestion solved the problem. Dragging at the line brought down the needed frequencies. I would suggest to the folks writing the program that having the offline frequencies isn't really necessary. Downloaded data from VATSIM fills in all the needed information and having "offline" frequencies might just clutter and complicate the process. For example in the London England area there are 3 different London Control frequencies: North, Central, and South. Seldom are they all online at the same time. Again, thanks for the solution. Regards; Noel Anderwson Sheffield, MA
  11. Thanks. I'll look at that next. I flew tonite from Philadelphia to Boston with VATSIm and everything worked as advertised except when the chart automitacilly sequenced from Departure to Enroute all of the frequency strip disappeared.. I did notince that the System/Settings tabs where ytou can select which communications groups and their order appear in the Ground/Approach/Arrival/Departure Tabs but no selectiuon is available on the Enroute Tab. Interesting.
  12. Thanks for the reply. As I said I am online and flying with VATSIM and there are no frequencies displayed on the Enroute Chart.I have to go back to either the Departure Chart or forward to the Arrival Chart to dsiplay and select the frequency.
  13. Hi...Just started using EFB and enabled/loaded VATSIM and noticed the frequency strip on Ground/Departure/Arrival/Approach Charts show the frequencies expected to be encountered in the flightplan route supplied by VATSIM. Only the Enroute chart does not show any frequencies. I'm using an example of departing from Stansted (EGSS) to Hanover Germany (EDDV). The frequencies for London and Amsterdam Control show on all the charts except the Enroute chart. Sort of annoying to have to switch back and forth between charts to see the frequencies. Is there a setting I might not have made to explain this? Other than that one annoyance I really love this program. wish I had bought it much sooner. Thanmks for any suggestions. Noel Anderson Sheffield, MA.
  14. I'm a very new user of Aiviasoift EFB and had a question about VATSIM frequency selection. Where does EFB get it's frequency informationm and does the Aiviasoft display iindicate if the particul;ar frequency is active? When departing a large airport such as KPHL (Philadelphia) there are several frequencies listed for the various functions such as clearence, ground controil, tower etc. I'm still learning how to operate the program but this one has me stumped. I've cvecked the Data Provider and Display Unit log files but they are both empty (0 bytes). Thanks. So far ;love the program.
  15. I had the same problem until I realized I was using the FSX scenery data which originally came with FSX. I'm now using UK2000 scenery which has the correct reunway numbers, etc.
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