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  1. Also for me. P3Dv4.3 and the new Aerosoft A318/319 Pro I can setup all the Cams and they work in the Session. When starting P3D new, all the Cams are lost.
  2. Great News Guys. I love this Piece of Software Day by Day a Bit more. So, Keep up the good Work and please inform me, when V2 is available. Thanks. Regards and happy Eastern to the Team, Joachim
  3. Hi Urs, thanks for the Info. Keep up the great Work at V1.5.x for V2. Looking forward for V2. Last Question about V2. Will you offer a Discount for existing Customers of V1.5.x? Regards, Joachim
  4. Hi Urs, thanks for your Reply. It sounds real good. Any Ideas about a Release Date for V2? Regards Joachim
  5. Hello, using this unbelievable good Software in the 30 Days Testphase. I am very satisfied with it. Before i will buy my License Key, i would ask a Quesrion. Is it possible, to change the Output Format of the FlightLog to a CSV-Text Format? To get an Overview of all my Flights, i programmed an Access Database. To read the FlightLog, i need this Format or a XML-Format. If this is actual not possible, is it planned to offer such a Format? Thanks in Advance for your Answer. Greetings from Germany, Joachim
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