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  1. Hi Urs, today I startet my both PC´s and on both are running Windows Updates. 1 hour long . . . . Ok, now it´s done. So, then I want start the Data-provider to make a screenshot . . . . . UUUUIIIIIIII --> what´s that ????? Data-Provider works !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I startet the Flightsimulator and YES !!! it works !!! I have nothing changend on the setups or installations or programs. I think, that was the Windows-Update. So i MUST buy this Software Ok, i test it since 08.02.2015, as long as the Demo-Version works. Then i purchase it and i will be happy. Thanks for the answer and always a good time. Greetings from Germany Richard
  2. Hello, (sorry for my poor english) my konfiguration is : PC-1 with WIN 7, on it is Prepar 3D 2.4 and PC-2 with WIN 7, both connectet as Network. I installed EFB Data-provider etc. in Demo-version on PC 1 and the EFB Display-Unit on PC 2. Then connectet to P3D and it works very, very good. So, then i installed on PC 2 Plan-G for VFR-Flying. Both Software worked parallel very good. The i installed ASNext - that did´nt work and i de-installed it. And now comes my problem: EFB Data-Provider don´t start yet. There comes a little Window : Data-Provider cannot start. That´s all. I installed EFB completely new, P3D completely new, but the result ist the same : The Data-Provider dos not start. And now ? I fall in love with this program and i want buy it, but it must run. Both PC´s are working correct with the network, Plan-G also OK. Have you an Idea please ? Greetings from Germany, Ottobeuren Richard
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