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  1. Well, LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport is an an ORBX product and installed via ORBX Central without possibility to change the folder name. Manually changing the folder name and editing addon.cfg file isn't an option to maintain ORBX products database integrity. I was thinking that something can be change in dbBuilder code so it could manage these special character in the path name properly. But as long as the AFCAD file is found and correctly processed (LPPD information in EFB v2 client is correct) it's not a real issue. Skip.
  2. Last news!!! PILOT EXPERIENCE SIM has just updated its LFMT addon for MSFS and the previous version should be the cause of the issue. After installing the latest version 1.2.2 dbBuilder is running fine again. dbBuilderLogfile.txt
  3. Hi, Here's the addon.xml file for ORBX LPPD which seems very basic. Below the addon.cfg entry: [Package.107] PATH=L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false For the MSFS issue I've tried to remove my last airport addon installed with the same problem (4397 files scanned instead of 4400). If I want to remove other addon to perform tests, what are those which are scanned by dbBuilder? Only airports or any addon such as navigraph, fsuipc-lvars, .... Regards, add-on.xml
  4. Hi, I have the following problems with dbBuilder 2.2 #128 when updating databases. 1 - MSFS: 2021-07-20 15:49:51.472 Debug : Scanning 4400 files ... 2021-07-20 15:50:53.198 Error : Impossible de lire au-delà de la fin du flux. à System.IO.__Error.EndOfFile() à System.IO.BinaryReader.FillBuffer(Int32 numBytes) à System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadInt16() à e.e.v.b.e.s(String A_0, Int32 A_1) à e.e.v.b.e.s(Action`1 A_0, ManualResetEvent A_1) à e.e.v.b.hw(Action`1 A_0, ManualResetEvent A_1, String A_2, String A_3, ew A_4) à e.e.s.y.u() à e.e.s.y.r() No airport are created (see the attached dbBuilderLogfile.txt for more info) and I don't know if the problem is caused by a new or updated addon or not (too many changes between rebuilds). 2 - P3Dv5.2 HF1 : 2021-07-16 00:20:13.772 Debug : [Package.107] 2021-07-16 00:20:13.772 Warning : Folder doesn't exist. L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - Jo?o Paulo II Airport Not really an issue because the airport BGL is processed but it would be nice not to have this warning very time (see the attached dbBuilderLogfile-3.txt for more info). 2021-07-16 00:20:13.895 Debug : ++ Found scenery category in: L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport\add-on.xml Thanks for your support. Skip. dbBuilderLogfile.txt dbBuilderLogfile-3.txt
  5. Finally it seems not to be an issue. There's a warning on the path not found: 2021-06-06 15:29:31.072 Warning : Folder doesn't exist. L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - Jo?o Paulo II Airport But the AFCAD is well processed: 2021-06-06 15:29:33.316 Debug : #411 add-ons.cfg (ProgramData, DiscoveryPath) L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport\ORBX\MKStudios\MK_LPPD\Scenery This is confirmed in EFB2 LPPD airport information. Skip.
  6. Hi, It seems that EFB2 DB Builder doesn't like the path name of this new addon (warning path not found when scanning add-ons.cfg). I think it's due to the spécial character in "João"? [Package.106] PATH=L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Is there a way to fix that without renaming the folder (as ORBX Central will be confused)? Skip.
  7. Hello, Is there a way to hide fake runways (NW,SE, NE, SW) from new Taxi2Gate LFPG scenery? They are included in the AFCAD and certainly usefull for the design but overlap real designators in ground map. I tried to assign them to 'nil' in runways.txt but no effect. Skip.
  8. Hi, Is there a known problem with flightlog when flying the MJC Dash-8? I flied today from LGTS to LGKO with EFB networked. All work perfectly including SID & STAR but the flightlog stayed empty and no PDF file has been generated. Perhaps because of the special flying mode of the MJC in FSX? Skip.
  9. Hello, Well, I've found no usefull help anywhere so I think I must wait for a FSX:SE compatible release of EFB. But my issue is strange as I don't have any trouble with installation, paths, sceneries. EFB is running very well Under fsx:se until few minutes after takeoff. I'll be patient. Skip.
  10. Same issue with PMDG777 SP1d . Too bad I can't use FSX:SE because of EFB! Should I go back to FSC? Skip.
  11. Hi, I'm running a side by side install of Fsx SP2 and FSX:SE. Aerosoft Airbus X is flying well on both install and EFB runs well with FSX SP2. But when I try to perform a regular flight with Aerosoft AirbusX on FSX:SE and EFB active, I get a FSX:SE programm crash e few minutes after take off. Using the same SID without EFB active: no problem at all. The last message displayed by EFB DataProvider (networked install) is : Warning - DefWndProc (isConnected=true): Exception de HRESULT : 0xC000014B. No other warning or error message in EFB. I really don't understand what can be wrong. It seems I have the same trouble with MJC Dash-8... Not tried with PMDG 777 yet. Any idea? Workaround? Skip.
  12. Hi, I've just bought this wonderfull program and performed my first flight using it. Airbus A320 from Aerosoft, CYVR to KLAX. ALl was OK excpet the datas in the Flightlog generated: - Datas Time / Flighttime / Alt/GS / FOB are missing in enroute section (I have just 3 of them at take off and 4 of them in approach) - The timestamps are those from the PC running the Display Unit and not FSX internal ones : I use time compression and so the timestamps at arrival are false. I also use to perform night flights not in real time . Is there a problem in my settings? Fligtlog datas below. Thanks. Skip. Block-off: 08:05z Takeoff: 08:21z Touchdown: 09:32z (RoD -234 ft/min) Block-on: 09:41z Flight time: 01:11 Fuel used: 5 895 kgs No. Waypoint Freq Crs to Dist to Dist rem Airway Position Time Act Flighttime Alt / GS FF FOB 1 CYVR 968.3 NM N49°11.7', W123°10.4' 08:21z 10943.0 kgs 2 [alt] 082° 1.5 NM 966.8 NM YVR8 N49°12.1', W123°09.9' 08:21z 0 / 107 10966.9 kgs 3 [vct] 083° 5.4 NM 961.4 NM YVR8 N49°11.0', W123°01.8' 08:22z 00:01 2800 / 198 10775.1 kgs 4 YVR 115.9 198° 7.9 NM 953.5 NM DCT N49°04.6', W123°08.9' n.a. 5 SEA 116.8 143° 104.1 NM 849.4 NM J5 N47°26.1', W122°18.6' n.a. 6 TAOMA 147° 32.0 NM 817.4 NM J5 N46°55.2', W122°06.4' n.a. 7 SUMMA 148° 18.8 NM 798.6 NM J5 N46°37.1', W121°59.3' n.a. 8 POWEL 148° 151.3 NM 647.3 NM J5 N44°10.7', W121°05.2' n.a. 9 LKV 112.0 150° 104.3 NM 542.9 NM J5 N42°29.6', W120°30.4' n.a. 10 BAARB 152° 82.1 NM 460.9 NM J5 N41°09.5', W120°06.8' n.a. 11 HARTT 153° 19.8 NM 441.1 NM J5 N40°50.2', W120°01.3' n.a. 12 PYRAM 153° 57.9 NM 383.2 NM J5 N39°53.6', W119°45.4' n.a. 13 FMG 117.9 153° 22.2 NM 361.0 NM V165 N39°31.9', W119°39.4' n.a. 14 TILTS 159° 54.2 NM 306.8 NM J5 N38°38.1', W119°31.6' n.a. 15 SONNY 159° 18.1 NM 288.8 NM J5 N38°20.1', W119°29.1' n.a. 16 TIOGA 159° 24.3 NM 264.4 NM J5 N37°56.0', W119°25.7' n.a. 17 PINNI 159° 68.6 NM 195.9 NM J5 N36°47.9', W119°16.3' n.a. 18 EHF 115.4 160° 79.3 NM 116.6 NM J5 N35°29.1', W119°05.8' n.a. 19 LAMPE 151° 17.6 NM 99.0 NM V23 N35°12.2', W118°59.9' n.a. 20 GRAPE 151° 14.8 NM 84.2 NM V23 N34°57.9', W118°55.0' n.a. 21 FIM 112.5 164° 36.6 NM 47.6 NM FIM N34°21.4', W118°52.9' n.a. 22 WAKER 160° 19.7 NM 27.9 NM FIM N34°01.9', W118°50.0' 09:25z 01:04 6600 / 283 543 kgs/hr 5550.1 kgs 23 DNITA 160° 7.4 NM 20.5 NM FIM N33°54.5', W118°48.9' n.a. 24 NATHN 070° 8.3 NM 12.3 NM ILS Rwy 06L N33°55.6', W118°39.1' 09:28z 01:06 1900 / 248 1104 kgs/hr 5527.1 kgs 25 ALISN 070° 6.0 NM 6.3 NM ILS Rwy 06L N33°56.3', W118°31.9' 09:29z 01:08 1800 / 189 2881 kgs/hr 5467.9 kgs 26 KLAX 096° 1.2 NM N33°56.6', W118°24.5' 09:32z 01:10 5363.7 kgs
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