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  1. Key sent via email. I have just found the original invoice and copied key into discount field and it has worked, v2 has now been ordered thanks. Regards Gary
  2. Hi, Yes v1 key is not accepted for discount whilst trying to purchase v2, Regards Gary
  3. Dear Urs, I am having the same issue whereby my V1 licence key is not recognised as a valid key? What should I do? Best Regards Gary
  4. Same here, after spending weeks trying to track down the stuttering by changing my P3D settings and all sorts of tweaks I finally came across this thread and low and be hold switching off EFB resolves the issue for me too! I run EFB networked whilst my ASN is on my main P3D PC. Simply switching on and off the display unit introduces the stutters. Until a fix can be found unfortunately, this great piece of software (EFB) will be turned off..! i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz and 2x titan blacks. Gary
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