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    I had the same problem. Only when I use the blue button on the top left hand corner of the downloader is the file being downloaded. Otherwise I get a message that the flight plan has been downloaded into all directories but noting happens.
  2. Viking01

    Cannot select CMPS, RNG, VCT,ARC

    Bingo, that's it. Thanks Oskar!
  3. Hi, on a flight between KPHX and KDCA I noticed that I lost the possibility to select the functions shown under "Aircraft", with the exception of the aircraft symbol itself. I read through the manual but other than the details in chapter 7 (client) about the requirements for the ARC function to work, I did not find the prerequisites for the other functions to be selectable. I probably missed the relevant info but I can't find it. I'm flying in AUTO settings, using a flight plan, Moving map is working. Any idea what I missed? Thanks!
  4. You can make the GTN750 to follow the GPS Flight Plan. Does that work for you?
  5. Viking01

    Unable to insert SID

    According to the manual, the sim must be running and you must be at your departure field (hope I remembered that correctly).
  6. Viking01

    Server cannot be reached

    After setting the port 13 to a local port, I no longer have to activate the license with every start up.
  7. Viking01

    Server cannot be reached

    Thanks Mark, you hit the nail. Port 13 was set to outbound, not local. Works now, I keep my fingers crossed...
  8. Viking01


    Route Finder is sometimes sending out that error message. But trying a couple of minutes later usually gets your desired route.
  9. Viking01

    Server cannot be reached

    Thanks, it did. I will check the port settings once more. The settings for the AV and the firewall are correct, the connection does not establish any better with both programs turned off. What is confusing is, that the connection works after several attempts just fine, with the next try the same error about not being able to connect appears again. So yesterday the server finally connected, updated itself to the latest build, shut itself down again and would not reconnect. Anyway, I will check Port 13 again.
  10. Viking01

    Server cannot be reached

    Sorry, but was that a silly question? Did I miss something? All I would like to do is try the demo a little bit more before I buy the V2 (or stick with V1)...
  11. Hi, I'm trying to evaluate the demo of the EFB V2, but it is almost impossible due to the inability to reach any server to verify my demo license. I am connected to the internet, I can open all webpages (like this forum), download files etc., but I cannot reach your server. All exceptions are set in the Firewall and the antivirus program, port 13 is open. What else could I try to get a connection to further evaluate the software? Trying up to 20 times before a connection gets established is not too promising.
  12. Viking01

    JoinFS Network

    Sorry, out of ideas...
  13. Viking01

    JoinFS Network

    OK, I see the traffic (AI or multiplayer) if I go to the bottom most right knob (Misc) and select TRFC.
  14. Viking01

    JoinFS Network

    I give it another try if it works in EFB V2.
  15. Viking01

    JoinFS Network

    Yes, it makes sense. But I don't know if it is working in Version 2. Do you see your other multiplayer pilots on the JoinFS server...