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  1. Hi Jonas, Thank you for your assistance... I finally figured it out... The update does not replace my desktop shortcut icon and so my old icon was pointing incorrectly, deleted old shortcut and created new and it is now working correctly... thanks again Norman Henderson
  2. I am still at build 59.. tried to update to build 60 and got same results. program looks to be updating and gives log files that say its updated but starting program still shows build 59 in window... i have all virus protection shut down while updating. Thanks for reply Norman Henderson
  3. Having issues with update... networked 2 computers, client updated fine after update message to build 78, server is not. message comes up saying an update is available build 61 for server, popup asks if i want to update, answer yes and the files all look like it is working, get successful completion of update message but when starting server, window still says build 59. I had the same issue with update server 60... any suggestions?
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