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  1. doesn´t work be me either since i installed P3DV4.3, have the same Problem as Turambar With the FSLabs A320X the Cameras work, with the neu FSLabs A319X the cameras doen´t work.
  2. Thank you, exactly that was the Problem.
  3. On this link i only can get the Version 1.0.13, where can i find the new Version? Thank you Raymond
  4. Hallo Urs, thanks for your answer, I´m only using the standard fsx lows scenery. When looking into the fsx flightplaner, it also shows the rwys 16 34, which is correct. Raymond
  5. Hi Urs, i have the same Problem. The bgl file is updated and the lines are removed out of the runways.txt file. But as sone as i select a route to LOWS, a window opens with the message "runway assignment warning for LOWS-Salzburg. Please see the DataProvider´s window." In the DataProvider are These Messages: NavData runway ident 33 at LOWS could not be assigned to the Simulator runway NavData runway ident 15 at LOWS could not be assigned to the Simulator runway available Simulator runways at this Airport are as follows: 16 34 When modifying the Route, EFB show the prefered rwy, but when i try to select a rwy it Shows the wrong rwys 15 33 thanks Raymond
  6. Hi, Patrick, thanks for the help. Raymond
  7. Hallo, where can i download the fir.dat and the servinfo.dat? The link in the installation guide "http://www.aivlasoft.com/download/vatsim.zip" don´t work, it always brings the message " file not found" Thank you for the help. Raymond
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