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  1. Support files attached. Server_201903171058.txt.zip
  2. I am currently using P3D v4 and having issues with EFBv2 causing my FSUIPC to disconnect, thus causing CTD to my flight simulator. Any ideas what could be causing this? I have also reinstalled FSUIPC 5.132
  3. natcret: Yes I have done whats listed above. When I add Flightbeams KIAD, run the data provider update and then open the display unit and reset airport cache. When I load KIAD, there is a message within EFB that navigation data runway ident 01C and 19C at airport KIAD could not be assigned to simulator runway.
  4. I am still having issues with the Flightbeam KIAD. It looks all correct in FSX-SE, but when I run the update in Aivlasoft, its sill not showing runways 01C and 19C. Navaid data is current and correct.
  5. http://imgur.com/NVnOl8Y Can't seem to load EGLL now?
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