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  1. problem solved. somehow the installer was pointing my former p3dv5 installation. it made a directory (with the new build 1.22) client and server in p3dv5 folder. so the update was installed correctly, but in the wrong directory. i removed the p3dv5 key in the registry, removed EFB, and reinstalled it and now the program is updated to build 1.22. thanks, Alex
  2. yes i did update both. first server, then client i post support files Server_202101031125.txt.zip Client_202101031124.txt.zip
  3. hello, i have p3d.v4.5. everytime i start EFB server, it tell me that a new version is available (build 1.22). so i start download it, en install the new version. but when i start EFB server, it tells me again that a new version is available. and so on. when i click the message away, the program starts well, but not 1.22, but in 1.21. i am i doing something wrong? regards, Alex
  4. Hi Darren, i had the same problem. i switch from AS2012 to ASN, but i did not change that in EFB. so i did, and the problem was gone. Regards Alex p.s. AS2012 -> ActiveSky, And ASN -> ActiveSky Next
  5. Hi, i have the same problem. probably a aivlasoft data server issue. i hope they resolve it soon. regards
  6. oke thanks, but can it be fixed if i buy the program? regards, Alex
  7. hi there, i have a little question. EHAM_CTR is not showing up (when online) in the EFB display unit when flying online on IVAO network. al other ATC are displayed, except EHAM_CTR. in have version installed. although its the DEMO version, i presume thats not the reason for not showing EHAM_CTR. can someone verify that? regards Alex
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