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  1. That was the problem. All good . Thanks. I may be mistaken, but I thought we were notified of new updates.
  2. So far , there seems to be no issue when running program. Any ideas? Thanks S. Sumner
  3. When updating scenery data base, after a new scenery install, I get this during reconfiguration.
  4. scenery cfg problem solved. just have the font issue. thanks
  5. When I run data provider it doesn''t see scenery.cfg files, all paths look good. any suggestions? thanks s. sumner am running1.6.2
  6. I try to download v.1.6 but get error, File not found. Any ideas?
  7. Actually, the message is file not found. Error 404. I tried downloading from google and IE. Same result.
  8. I try to download 1.6 but I get a page not found error. thanks S. Sumner
  9. Click on link get an error, Page not found. Now what? Sumner
  10. Sorry. I need to learn to read further down the page. I found it. Thanks. S. Sumner
  11. I will when the updates are released. The post says it will be a few days, unless I'm missing something. Is 1.6 available? Thanks S. Sumner
  12. Hi all: I too had this problem where I started display unit, I got a full page of text, Had nothing to do with fonts. At the top was ComponentActivator: could not instantiate di. This is after installing win10. went back to win7 home premium, no problem. will wait for 1.6 to come out then may try again. going back to win7 was flawless and quick. thanks s. sumner
  13. sumnersd

    AI Traffic a no show.

    I solved my own problem. Helps to read instructions.
  14. I fire up FSX then start EFB. No problem. Even did a scenery update. When I start flight plan, my aircraft shows up at the proper gate, but there is no AI traffic anywhere. How do I fix this? Thanks. Steve Sumner
  15. sumnersd

    EFB version 2.0 status

    Will V.2 support FSX-SE. Otherwise, is there a way to get EFB to work with SE? Thanks Steve Sumner