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  1. I made a flight with the QW B789 KSEA to KDCA and loaded the SImbrief flightplan in AivlaSoft EFB. Checking the destination airport I saw that the runways are coded in red (too small for the B789). But with low cargo and pax and autobrake at 4 there is more than sufficient RWY to land on. (Checked during approach when filling in the landing data. Didn't even need autobrake max.) So I took the challenge and made the flight with a succesful greaser on RWY 01 and enough RWY left after the full stop on the RWY. So far, so good. But checking the EFB Client there was no airport displayed. A blank page with only blue AI. This was probably because the length of the longest RWY is shorter than what the B789 needs at MLW. But my aircraft was far below MLW. I think AivlaSoft EFB takes it a bit too serious in terms of this subject. After all there could have been an emergency situation that makes KDCA the only option when KIAD is not available. Cheers, Dirk
  2. The flood of protests against Navigraph's idea to cancel FMS Data has had an effect. FMS DATA will continued to be available in the same way it was until today. I think they learned a lesson. Cheers, Dirk Based on their email on today 19th of November
  3. Those who are on Navigraph's FMS Data must have received the email with the news that FMS Data will not be available anymore in the near future. They are going to offer only one product: Charts, for (in my case) 8,30 euro (plus 21% VAT) a month. I paid 27,71 euro A YEAR for what I need. Okay, the Jeppesen charts are more detailed than the ones from AivlaSoft EFB. Very true. But I really don't need that detail and what they offer is way above my budget. I think I'm not the only one. I wrote them an email (like probably a few thousand others) that I will wave 'goodbye' to them and switch to Aerosoft. Soon, in Paderborn champagne is sold out for sure. I sure hope Navigraph will soon realize that they are going to loose a big chunck of customers and so a lot of money. Maybe they come to their sences. Happy flying, Dirk
  4. Although I am more than happy with v2, there are a few things that can be improved imho. It could be my PC, but (almost) every time I click away (top right corner) the FPL popup, the whole application is minimized. No problem to click the icon in the task bar to get things back, but 'being convenient' is something else. It happens to me more than once during a flight that I want to check the DEP and/or ARR pages. That also activates the PROC popup. Many times I don't need that. I just want to check the SID or the STAR data. (my EFB runs on a networked second PC, together with Active Sky). It would be a great improvement (for me, that is and probably many others) when the PROC popup is NOT activated automaticly, but selectable. Thanks in advance. Dirk
  5. In v.1 it was not possible to delete a WPT within a STAR. So I was very happy that in v.2 I could delete such a WPT. But... when I look at the chart both lines to and from the deleted WPT are still there. So, on paper, you fly a crazy zig-zag to that WPT. (Take f.i. the VOR near KJFK that is in many STARs). In real life you will get vectors. Why on earth that VOR is the end of the STAR surprises me, but it's a fact. In the sim I would like to make my own decisions AND, when I delete a WPT, see the outcome in the chart as well. Minor issue, but nice if corrected. Cheers, Dirk
  6. Hi Oskar, I replaced the EHAM minima and the 787-8 and 787-9 profiles with the ones from contributions. I checked the logfile and all works fine now. During the flight I had serveral red notifications on the Client's status window. Seven or eight times in a flight that took over 3 hours. The Client reconnected automatically. Only when during the rebuild a WPT was passed I needed to do a DIR TO. I haven't got the slightest idea what caused it. Maybe the PC was preparing for the W10 October update that followed later. Dirk
  7. At first a 5 star compliment for v.2. It brings far more than expected and worth while waiting. Although v.2 works flawless, my yesterdays flight KIAD to EHAM with the QW787 (skipping the ocean NAT) had several server disconnects. Just for the record, I post the logfile attached. I checked if Windows Update was involved during the flight but that was not the case. Regards, Dirk clientLogfile-1.txt
  8. Hi Urs, Thanks for the reply. It is starting to become clear now. I've found more info on this link that might be usefull for others with the same question. Greetings Dirk
  9. Although I like the improvements in v.2 versus v.1, there is something that puzzles me cocerning the decision height/altItude. The manual has several pages about 'minimums' but in v.1 I was used to simply read them from the approach chart. It could be usually 50, 200 or 500 for DH. Easy. If v.1 could determine what the value must be for a specific approach based on the AIRAC Data, it must be possible for v.2 as well. If someone can shine a simple light on 'how to determine' this value I would be very gratefull. Oh. and I know I can simple add the field elevation to the DH to get the DA. Thanks in advamce. Dirk
  10. As a long term user of v1 I thought I give v2 a try for the Demo first. Installation of the server went well except of the weatherfile because AS is on the other computer and I had not yet made a share. But I installed the Client on the other PC OK and with the Server already running on PC1, the client came alive on PC2 with world weather. (No P3Dv4 active yet) To access the weatherfile from PC1 I ran into some firewall issues so I had to restart both PC's. But.... when I start the server I get the popup telling me to open port 13 which was not needed the first time. So I opened port 13 for outgoing TCP traffic and tried again. Same outcome: a popup that tells me to open port 13 (which is open already) I'm stuck and the days left are lower and lower. Would be nice to have a look at v2. Dirk
  11. For those users that run into the same problem: There was indeed a problem in the bgl file. Hervé Sors has corrected it and the problem will disappear as from the 1803 update. For those who can't wait I'll attach the correct bgl file in the 'Use alternate airport files' status. Copy it in the appropriate directory and let the DataProvider run an update. Cheers, Dirk APX50100.BGL
  12. Thanks Urs, I suspected something like this. I'll inform Hervé Sors about this. Thanks for sorting it out. Cheers, Dirk
  13. OK. I checked it out. Under Aiport Information after the double click it comes with: D:\P3Dv4\Scenery\0601\scenery\APX50100.bgl This is exactly the same file that Sors's ILS Inspector uses. On the Landing Aids Tab it shows the wrong info that I posted about before. I'll attach the file. This is really a weird thing. Dirk APX50100.bgl
  14. Sorry. A typical RTFM issue on my side. I'll get back to you after dinner.
  15. Hi Urs, Well..., I checked the manual and in there is tells me what file is used. But when I check my DisplayUnit's Airport Information it is blank on that spot. I checked it with another airport and that gives the same story: nothing! Could this have sometimg to do with the fact that my DisplayUnit is on a networked PC? Dirk
  16. Yes I did. Several times after each Navigraph and Sors's updates. My guess is, that the DataProvider somehow reads the old file with the P3D default NavData. For restoring purposes Sors's programs rename the APX50100.bgl that contains the default stuff into APX50100.bgl.p3dini with a new active file APX50100.bgl (as I can see on the file date/time stamp). But that happens with a great number of files in the ..\Scenery directories. Maybe it is just an index thing. But since I have no clue on how the DataProvider gathers data I'm just guessing. I'll put the question also on Hervé Sors's forum.See what comes up. Dirk
  17. When I load Stock airport (P3Dv4) ENTO in the Display Unit 1.16.15942 for an Approach RWY18 it shows: Loc. SFJ 110,95 358 (RWY 178) and that is the frequency and course (BC) of ILS/DME 36. And...., when I check an Approach RWY36 there is no ILS approach, just a VOR/DME and a RNAV. I used the ILS/Runway Inspector (Hervé Sors) and found in the default APX50100.bgl: ILS/DME 36 SFJ 110.95 ILS/DME 18 TRP 108.30 The same info is stored exactly the same in the AIRAC Data files I wonder how AivlaSoft EFB can come up with the wrong info. It looks as if AivlaSoftEFB is using very old default data. Ignoring what's in AIRAC and what has been updated to Navigraph 1802 (by Hervé Sors' World NavAids package. Dirk
  18. Sorry folks. Found the solution myself for the reported problem. Could not delete this post. Have a nice day. Dirk
  19. After installing FSDreamTeam's LSGG I found out that after a Simulator scenery update in the DataProvider, the ground layout of LSGG is still the default one. I found out (the hard way) that this is because new P3D scenery is no longer stored in the scenery.cfg but elsewhere. You can see that in P3D/World/Scenery Library by the fact, that the newly installed airport is greyed out. You can't click on it or move it up or down. Since I use MakeRwys.exe (by Pete Dowson) for other reasons (PF3 ATC) I knew how to solve this problem for AivlaSoft EFB updates as well. Here is how it goes: - Download and Install the AddonOrganizer_P3D_V4 software here - Run this program and click on Backup/Restore and then 'Export library for external tool' and follow the instructions exactly as in the popup. Step 2 is to run the Simulator scenery data update in the DataProvider. Keep in mind that you have to do this after every new Navigraph or Aerosoft update of the navigation data and after installing new P3D scenery that is not in the scenery.cfg. Of course it would be nice if future development of AivlaSoft EFB can handle this 'hidden' installs, but for the time being this will solve your problem. Dirk
  20. Thanks for the reply Urs. I stupidly searched for 'Q400' only and found nothing. My guess was already that it must have something to do with that flight engine outside FSX/P3D. Well... I have to make notes of block-on and block-off time only, because the FMS of the Q400 gives the other two after a flight. Greetings, Dirk
  21. Hi, I installed a new aircraft, the Majestic Q400 in P3Dv3. With this aircraft I get in the display unit a "flight log not yet available". Other aircraft I flew before did not have this problem. I remember I had this years ago with another aircraft, but I can't remember what the solution was. Probably something simple. Can you refresh my memory? Thanks Dirk
  22. Hi, Is there a way to influence the calculated TOC/TOD in the charts in any way? It would be nice if I can adjust those independently in ft/min values, so it would be nice if it's possible. Thanks Dirk BTW: 1.5 on my FSX:SE on 64 bit W10 works perfectly well. I must be one of those lucky ones.
  23. HI Carlioian, I have followed the switch to FSX-SE also. I had to clean the registry before installing FSX-SE, and every other appearence that had something to do with the old FSX-MS environment. Indeed, Steam works better in frame rates and is most certainly more stable. Installation of my add-ons worked fine as long as I downloaded the most recent versions. When installing the EFB (new install, I thought) I ran into the same kind of problems. I did not log what I did, so I can't mention all the details. But for sure I cleaned out every appearance of the EFB software, files, directories, registry, the works on both, the PC and the client (my notebook). After that I just installed the EFB on both machines and that went like a charm. No problems whatsoever. New Navigraph install (had to change the directories of course) and the datamanager did it's job like it should. So my rough guess is, that you have some cleaning to do to get the EFB working. Good luck, Dirk
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