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  1. I was unfortunately rather optimistic. It does work but it cuts out randomly. Sometimes it works for 20 minutes, then it cuts out with seemingly random errors. Below is the text from a flight I just did from EDDL-EDDH. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. It's working now and I can't tell you why. The only change that I made, apart from a router full restart (unplug everything) was to give my sim pc a fixed IP address in the router config. At last I can fly with EFB again...
  3. Another solution would be to get EFB working normally, without purchasing anything extra... My wireless connection works great, just because EFB works for you, doesn't mean it works for everyone else.
  4. The sim pc is connected directly to an ethernet socket in the wall, and the router is connected to another ethernet socket, in a different room.
  5. Hi Urs, It works ok with a cabled connection but my Motherboard only has 1 ethernet slot and I need that for internet access during the flight. Any ideas? I don't know if this helps but I tried to copy the logfile to the shared folder to send to you and it said I didn't have permission. I can browse the shared folders ok. Thanks, Toby
  6. Aamir, did you figure this out? I have the same problem except the data unit never starts, just says loading ... My pc does not have wireless and only has one ethernet slot, which is used by the Internet. Thanks, Toby
  7. I've just set up EFB on a wireless laptop (DisplayUnit) and a PC with an Ethernet connection (Sim PC) The shared folders are accessible and set up correctly. The IP address checks out ok. When I start the DataProvider, it is ready and running. When I start the DisplayUnit, it freezes with a green light bottom left and the text Loading. I have tried everything I know to get this working. What do I have to do? I cannot quit the programme normally, I get the error "Cannot close the application until it is either started or terminated properly. Please be patient". Nothing happens until I force quit the programme. I have also opened the port on my router. I use Windows 7 Professional and Prepar3D v2.2. Thanks, Toby
  8. 1. I'm curious, do you do this in your spare time or is it a full time profession? 2. Are you considering offering this as a free update to previous owners or as a reduced fee update? Thanks, Toby
  9. The problem is when this happens... This is maximum zoom.
  10. Hi Travis, Not those ones, the ones from the GPS Nav Fixes. I only need the name of those ones, they help planning approaches etc. Thanks, Toby
  11. Hi Urs, I meant consider it for V2.0 Thanks Toby
  12. Hi Urs, Could you please consider adding an option to hide the Nav Fix Coordinates in map views? I use them as a guide but often the coordinates clutter the screen. It would be great to be able to click a button to view/hide them. Thanks, Toby
  13. Thanks Urs. Can I manually create or add missing approaches? Does the system recognise them?
  14. I use NavDataPro (AIRAC 1309) and, when flying my Lancair Legacy, the RXP GNS530 with Airac 11B3. Last night, on approach to KSZT, there was no information in EFB about this airport's RNAV and LOC approaches but they were in the RXP GNS530 Database. I looked in the Aivlasoft/SIDSTARS folder and there is no listing for this airport. The approaches were also missing in EFB using the Navigraph 1308 data. Is this a limitation of paid nav data that not all airports are included or did I do something wrong? Thanks
  15. Just a quick thank you to Urs for EFB. After getting over the learning curve I've done my first few flights with EFB and am extremely happy with the results. EFB successfully combines a lot of the other apps that I've been using and reduces the time it takes me to get up and running. Thanks for this great piece of software. Toby
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