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  1. Hello all, I've a big problem. Windows defender says that EFB is dangerous and now i can not use it. Can some one please give a help. Thanks a lot. Carlos
  2. Hello unfortunately I've had a Full PC crash and did not have time to save nothing. I am re installing FSX today + addons.... but I can not find any trace of my product key for the EFB that I purchased on November 30rd 2012. I've found the payment confirmation from Paypal but nothing else. 30. Nov 2012 08:06:10 GMT+01:00 Transaction ID: 7JW79255XN815045E PayPal Einkauf Item# 166777 55.20 CHF 1 55.20 CHF Hope you can give me a hand Thank you for your support Kind regards
  3. Hi, i've sent a couple of log files I do not If you have received them. I'll copy a pair of records an will attach here, just in case.
  4. OK, didn't understand Yes that's the address in the weather settings. Does not matter, I'm getting METAR from Active Sky. Thanks a lot for answers. Carlos
  5. Hi, nothing, not even for west coast, let's wait, in any case we have already paid.
  6. Hi all, as subject there is no metar available, this is happening since the last update, before always worked without problems. The NOAA URL is: tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observations/metar/stations. I've tried to load some screenshots but it is impossible. Any help please. Thanks. Carlos
  7. Hi Urs, sorry i did not sign because Carlos is my real first name. Yes I do understand this but in any case is not normal, both FS default, UK2000 and real life are 05-23, but is ok. For example MUCU ( Santiago de Cuba) Runways in real life are 10-28 also in EFB they are but in FS default and Taxi to Gate they are 09-27, in this case I can understand we should change the txt file. In any case is a great soft and give us a lot of help. Thanks Carlos
  8. Hi, I've followed the instructions and amended the runways.txt file as suggested. But why should we do this if the RWY numbers at EGSS are 05 and 23 in real life? Hope in the future with a new update or upgrade or something this can be solved. Have a nice day.
  9. Hello to all of you, this the first time i write here after reading a lot of post looking for a solution. I have not METAR since I updated to last version, before always worked. I've tried to attach the log files but I receive this message: The extension txt is not allowed. What should I do? Thanks a lot and happy new year.
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