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  1. For anyone else with this issue I want you to know once I disabled fsAerodata all my ILS approaches for airports mentioned in my previous posts are working. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Thank you lonewulf47, I did not find that one in my search of your forums. I will disable FSAerodata and enjoy having the ILS procedures back. Jerry
  3. I have EFB v2, build 114, and am still having issues with many airports showing no ILS approaches even though the aircraft being flown has ILS approaches. Two specific airports are KMCO & LIEE that I recently visited. I have Navigraph data updated monthly and my current expiration is in January 2020. Both my aircraft today (QW B787) and the EFB have been updated to the current airac. I saw the notice that this was supposed to be fixed with build 114 but I can confirm it is not. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jerry
  4. OOPS, Sorry about that Randy, I was not awake when I did that. Here is the one you wanted in case you have not left yet.
  5. Randy, Here is what I see for EDDF ILS approaches. Jerry
  6. One more thing I found in case someone else runs into this issue with fsAerodata and EFB. I found a comment in their forum about this problem with Cycle 1808 so I tried it and it cleared the errors on this run. They said to disable and then re-enable the database in fsAerodata. Then run the database builder in EFB again. This time it ran with no errors. Yea! Thanks for all your help on this guys. Jerry
  7. I uninstalled fsAerodata and all its files I could find after the uninstall. Then reinstalled it and ran the update to 1809 (both done with anti-virus off). Then ran the update Navdata which ran successfully without any errors. Then I ran Update Simulator which came up with 7 warnings and 3 errors like before (shown in attached file). Even though the errors were still there I checked my last flight airports (KATL & KICT) and they both show ILS approaches now. Hopefully this will continue on my next flights and all is good again. Thanks for all your help on this guys. Jerry
  8. Urs, Here is a shot of my fsAerodata that confirms it is 1809. I will try an uninstall and reinstall of it to see if that gets the right files showing for the EFB. I sure hope that will resolve the issue. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks, Jerry
  9. Urs, I do update fsAerodata each month when I update Navigraph so that is up to 1809 also. Sorry about not mentioning the errors, I just didn't remember it when writing up the details. The best I can recollect that has happened every time I ran that process. I attached the KATL airport info as requested. Let me know how I can help further. Do you think I need to reinstall this program? Thanks for your efforts. Jerry
  10. The file location paths for p3dv4 in the update sim function shows as: Install is E:\P3D v4\ & Scenery.cfg folder is C:\ProgramData\Locheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 - are these correct for standard install? I have attached what I believe to be the result of creating a support file. Let me know if I got the wrong file. Thanks for the quick response. Server_201808221121.txt.zip
  11. I am having the same problems but it is wide spread. I made a trip to KICT and no ILS approaches were listed even though they exist in both Navigraph charts and the Maddog MD82 databases. I also have Navigraph navdata up to date using 1809, rev1. I am now planning a trip from KICT to KATL and have the same problem where EFB is only showing RNAV approaches to KATL. My server version shows and client shows 2.0 build #74. I run the client on a separate computer. The airports are default P3Dv4.3 on Win7. I have had other airports with missing ILS approaches but did not keep the data for them since I thought it was probably something I was doing wrong. That was until I see the pattern now that every airport I visit are missing ILS approaches. Is there any other data that would help you with this issue? Thanks for any ideas. Jerry
  12. My issue is slightly different from most of this thread. I DON"T fly ONLINE so the AI traffic is created by My Traffic Pro with P3Dv4.2. I am a long time EFBv1 user and never had problems with traffic showing on the moving map. With v2 most flights I have made with the demo have not shown the AI traffic at all, both on the ground and in the air. I am on a flight right now which had no traffic on the ground and nothing once in the air also. I checked all the issues mentioned as a fix in this thread to see if anything would help. I run all sim programs As Admin, I have the paid version of FSUIPC and I have just changed the altitude for traffic to 9999 for both above and below to test. Both traffic boxes on in the client map are activated. Nothing showing in the traffic monitor either. There have been other flights where the traffic was working but it seems to be off more than on in my case. Today I saw the note about restarting the EFB server and when I did that mid-flight the traffic showed up for the first time on this 1 hour flight and continued to show for the rest of the flight. I just wanted to confirm this is more than just a VATSIM issue. Hopefully the next update will solve this missing traffic issue. PS, I love the terrain mapping added to v2. Thanks, Jerry
  13. I can confirm Oskar's last post. I have been using the demo for about 6 days and have experienced what he describes. Most times it takes at least 4 attempts to get it to recognize me. But every time I have been able to eventually get the timeserver to see me as a valid demo. Then everything works from there. The new features of v2 are super but I do miss a few things from v1. Jerry
  14. Thank you GG_Flyer, Going through this process fixed the issue for PANC today. It had worked correctly in the past so I must have gotten some corruption somehow. I also use ORBX SAK along with all the other North West regions, Europe, AUS and Global with Vector. I really appreciate your support. Jerry
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