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  1. Black flashing bar still present with latest nvidia update (today). Tried with different aircraft and with/without FSUIPC, no change. Only appears when the EFB2 client is loaded.
  2. I get the same flashing black bar in P3D 4.4 with the EFB 2 client open (latest version) running the latest Nvidia 417.35 drivers.
  3. Hi guys, after loading a flight plan in the EFB, I open the DEP window, select a runway and SID (and Transition if applicable). However when I want to confirm and add it to my flight plan the Set FPL button is nearly always greyed out. Eventually if I keep opening and closing the DEP window the Set FPL button becomes available. This happens every time I fly, and FYI the ARR window does not exhibit this problem. Thanks in advance. Dave Edit: I checked the forums and found another post about this issue, but I always have P3D v4.3 running and am always at the DEP airport when it happens:
  4. Just to let you know I appear to have fixed it, here's how I did it: I tried re-installing EFB but that did not change anything. However in the display module settings I clicked the Set to Defaults button. After this I ticked the boxes for the AI and Online traffic and the AI planes appeared as they should, even when I was on Vatsim. Apologies as I should have tried this before but I mistakenly assumed that re-installing EFB would have reset all options anyway. Thanks and sorry for bothering you!
  5. Just to let you know Urs, I checked the AI aircraft monitor and saw around 25 aircraft in the list, yet for some reason they still do not show on the charts. Thanks in advance. David
  6. Hi Urs, Thanks for your reply, I'm away from home right now but I'll check when I get back. David
  7. Hi guys, I am not seeing AI traffic on the charts despite having the correct options ticked (charts, traffic, AI + Online etc). My own plane appears correctly in red. I've tried reinstalling EFB three times to no avail. Other tools such as FS Commander display the AI fine and I can't figure out why EFB won't. It's the same story for Vatsim traffic. Any ideas please? Cheers.
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