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  1. Thank you Urs, I hope this will change in the future as and when Microsoft allows more interaction with the internal navdata from third party developers since it is somewhat ridiculous to have to pay for what we already have included in the sim. Aivlasoft is obviously not alone in this situation. Stay safe!
  2. I searched this with Google and on this forum but found no answer: I had a Navigraph subscription with P3D and used it with EFB v2 until last month. Now I am using MSFS and did not renew my subscription to Navigraph since MSFS has its own monthly AIRAC cycle which is good enough for me. However I cannot find a way to make EFB detect that my MSFS AIRAC cycle is up to date (it is still listed in yellow in the Client Status window)). Is this possible and if so how please? Thank you.
  3. I am currently flying with MSFS above Quebec city and I noticed that the St Laurent river is cut off between South West and North East on my EFB2 map, where the city name is. Tiny little detail if and when it can be rectified. Happy Easter!
  4. I finally found the problem: I had selected the folder "Package" precisely on the dedicated MSFS SSD where the Community folder is. But I discovered - by accident - that Windows had created another MSFS folder on my C drive in Users>AppData with the replication of all my MSFS Community files... I was not aware of that and I am worried because if all my MSFS add-ons end on this C drive it will be full in no time and it defeats the purpose of buying a dedicated SSD for MSFS!!! So I made the change of folder for the creation of the EFB database and all is now back to normal on Server and Client, no error message and my last airport is loaded automatically on the Client. However, I am really worried about this duplication, is this normal when you have two SSD? I was very careful when installing MSFS to send it to the E drive, and it is indeed there, but why do I have all those files on the C drive as well??? I realise this has nothing to do with EFB but a clarification would be welcome.
  5. Thank you Urs, but precisely, my MSFS install is done on a separate SDD entirely dedicated to MSFS!... I will however remove the offending livery (Austrian) and see what that does. I shall report back after running the Database..
  6. Thanks Oskar, I did as suggested, but I am still stuck with a white screen on my Client. When I click on FPL, I get an unhandled exception. In my database log file, there is 1 error: Error : The APPX file can not be accessed because it is not encrypted as expected. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share) at t.t.o.a.t.v(String A_0, Int32 A_1) at t.t.o.a.t.v(Action`1 A_0, ManualResetEvent A_1) at t.t.o.a.mo(Action`1 A_0, ManualResetEvent A_1, String A_2, String A_3, ts A_4) at t.t.v.h.z() at t.t.v.h.g() If I decipher this message above, it could be related to a registry change I made also yesterday related to accepting Long File Names. I changed it again to remove that option, rerun the updates and found a new error message instead saying that the file name was too long!... and the rest of the error message remains the same. So it looks like I am stopped both ways: with and without the long file names enabled. Do you have any suggestion please?
  7. As per title, I landed yesterday at CYWG and my EFB was used to create and follow my flight plan successfully. It also clearly depicted that airport for me to taxi to parking. This morning, when I start my flight from the same airport, my EFB client shows a white screen, when selecting the airport with the search tool, it tells me that this airport is not in the database. What I did between yesterday and today is an update of MSFS, an update of my database in the server, an AIRAC update for P3Dv4.5 with Navigraph. In this respect, I probably made a mistake because MSFS has its own AIRAC and I mistakenly updated it with the Navigraph content as well. So I deleted this Navigraph database and wanted to install the MSFS AIRAC instead. Wrong move again, I select the proper product (box version), the proper location (no yellow bar), but when I click on Next, I get a yellow box, No Database found. Attached are my log file of this morning as well as the database log file.. Thank you.. serverLogfile-3.txt dbBuilderLogfile-3.txt
  8. Problem solved. I deleted the latest AIRAC database in the Server, downloaded it again from Navigraph, installed in Server, went again over the Airports file update in Server, started up Client and the Database synchronisation went on, my Client was fully operational within the usual short length of time. I suppose my initial problem was created by a faulty airport file that was freezing the unzipping process. Enjoy a good week-end
  9. Absolutely, both PC server and client are updated at the same time systematically.
  10. I have downloaded and installed the latest EFB v2 update, first the serveur on my sim PC and then the client on my linked PC as usual. However this time the client remains loading the database for hours and still does not function. I have not changed a thing to my Windows or network settings and EFB v2 was working perfectly before that update. What could be the cause of this problem and how can I resolve it? I tried uninstalling the client, downloaded the latest version again and installed it, to no avail, still stuck with my black EFB screen. Thank you.
  11. To confirm, I have exactly the same problem with ORBX Central version 4, in my case, it is also an Australian airport that creates the freeze of the database builder: YMML, I deactivated the airport, but when running DB again it stopped at Package 51 (which contains YMML). Unfortunately, as I was not aware of the conflict with EFB (it is the first time I have such an issue in many years of usage), I already have migrated all my ORBX sceneries on v4, hence I will miss EFBv2 until you find the workaround. Many thanks for your help. If you want me to test anything on my system, I would be glad to assist in any way I can. To be complete, I had run P3D v4.5 several times before using the database builder. Best regards,
  12. Problem solved after a full re-install of the Server as well. What a Windows mess!!!
  13. I made a flight from UUEE to LFPO yesterday and EFB worked perfectly, as usual. Yesterday night my Flight-Planning PC on which the EFB client runs had its Windows 10 update. Today when I staretd EFB Client, it took for ever to load and actually it never loaded completely, it got stuck for good on "Loading Database files (airports). Thinking that perhaps the Windows update had corrupted some files, I un-installed the Client and re-installed it. No change, EFB finally loaded when I was on the ILS at Barcelona and at the same time P3D went into CTD... I restarted everything tonight and again my client gets stuck on "synchronising database files". The connection to the server does work since I can interrupt both server and client with the command from the client. Furthermore the client shows that it is loading, no red flag. Has anybody else experienced that and should I go about resolving it please? Thank you.
  14. Firstly regarding forum rules, I do sign systematically my posts, but looking at the forum page now, I see my signature, so is it something with the system? As for the issue mentioned above, after a full re-install of both Server and Client, everything is now back to normal. The problem was due to the fact that when I started my Server, it did not inform me that there was an update, however the Client did. So installing the Client update only created the problem since both entities could not communicate anymore. Problem solved on my side. Thanks. Jean-Claude (added manually in addition to my saved signature)
  15. Same problem here, I updated the Client only since I had a message for an update only on Client, the Server started with no message. I uninstalled the Client, downloaded the full installer for Client and re-installed, with the same result, permanent hang on start. EFB cannot be used at all. If your message tells the story, there should have been a message to update the Server as well, there was not, this is probably why we have this issue. I restarted the Server but there was no other message than re-run the database (for no reason since I did not change anything to my P3Dv4.5 at all). I did run the scenery again but no joy with the Client.
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