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  1. Problem solved. I deleted the latest AIRAC database in the Server, downloaded it again from Navigraph, installed in Server, went again over the Airports file update in Server, started up Client and the Database synchronisation went on, my Client was fully operational within the usual short length of time. I suppose my initial problem was created by a faulty airport file that was freezing the unzipping process. Enjoy a good week-end
  2. Absolutely, both PC server and client are updated at the same time systematically.
  3. I have downloaded and installed the latest EFB v2 update, first the serveur on my sim PC and then the client on my linked PC as usual. However this time the client remains loading the database for hours and still does not function. I have not changed a thing to my Windows or network settings and EFB v2 was working perfectly before that update. What could be the cause of this problem and how can I resolve it? I tried uninstalling the client, downloaded the latest version again and installed it, to no avail, still stuck with my black EFB screen. Thank you.
  4. To confirm, I have exactly the same problem with ORBX Central version 4, in my case, it is also an Australian airport that creates the freeze of the database builder: YMML, I deactivated the airport, but when running DB again it stopped at Package 51 (which contains YMML). Unfortunately, as I was not aware of the conflict with EFB (it is the first time I have such an issue in many years of usage), I already have migrated all my ORBX sceneries on v4, hence I will miss EFBv2 until you find the workaround. Many thanks for your help. If you want me to test anything on my system, I woul
  5. Problem solved after a full re-install of the Server as well. What a Windows mess!!!
  6. I made a flight from UUEE to LFPO yesterday and EFB worked perfectly, as usual. Yesterday night my Flight-Planning PC on which the EFB client runs had its Windows 10 update. Today when I staretd EFB Client, it took for ever to load and actually it never loaded completely, it got stuck for good on "Loading Database files (airports). Thinking that perhaps the Windows update had corrupted some files, I un-installed the Client and re-installed it. No change, EFB finally loaded when I was on the ILS at Barcelona and at the same time P3D went into CTD... I restarted everything tonight an
  7. Firstly regarding forum rules, I do sign systematically my posts, but looking at the forum page now, I see my signature, so is it something with the system? As for the issue mentioned above, after a full re-install of both Server and Client, everything is now back to normal. The problem was due to the fact that when I started my Server, it did not inform me that there was an update, however the Client did. So installing the Client update only created the problem since both entities could not communicate anymore. Problem solved on my side. Thanks. Jean-Claude (added manually in a
  8. Same problem here, I updated the Client only since I had a message for an update only on Client, the Server started with no message. I uninstalled the Client, downloaded the full installer for Client and re-installed, with the same result, permanent hang on start. EFB cannot be used at all. If your message tells the story, there should have been a message to update the Server as well, there was not, this is probably why we have this issue. I restarted the Server but there was no other message than re-run the database (for no reason since I did not change anything to my P3Dv4.5 at all). I
  9. May I humbly seek help on how to open "port13", even Google does not help much... First time I hear about this and I cant launch EFB2 twice in a row without having to enter name and email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated, presumably by a number of IT challenged old souls like me...! Thank you.
  10. Sorry Urs but the vendor will not accept my V1 license as a valid key for the 20% discount, and yes it does have 31 letters and numbers. What should we do next please? Jean-Claude
  11. Well after another hour or so, I could reconnect my Display Unit to my network PC. For some reason, the name of my server would not be accepted anymore by the DU setup, I had to change to the IP address, that alone was not enough, I had to change the timeout sending and disconnect,, restart the DU and everything is now back to normal. Windows update mysreries!!!
  12. I have been using EFB from its release date on a network computer with no issues (Windows 7 first and Windows 10 later) . Yesterday I updated Windows 10 on my Display Unit PC and Aivlasoft refuses to connect to the DataProvider. My server PC name remained as it was (running Windows 10 Home), when I start EFB Display I am getting a red message indicating that there is a network error. Going to Settings, "Remote" is selected as usual, my server name remained as before, when I click on "Check Name" it tells me "OK Hostname found", then I click "OK" at the bottom of the pag
  13. Thank you Urs, Taking your advice, I uninstalled the third party configuration tool as well as EFB. I re-installed EFB and run the scenery update on the DataProvider and now have access to all my previous flight plans as well as my stock airports without error message. During the scenery update process only two red dots were seen regarding the identification of some unknown airports in the US which is of no importance to me. After so many years of unfailing and helpful service with FSX, my EFB is now part of my new P3Dv4 setup, waiting for version 2...! Enjoy a snowy week-end (a
  14. Something new today that might help resolving this matter: I have installed today a number of airport add-ons on P3Dv4 and run the DataProvider scenery data update, then I opened my DisplayUnit and tried to plan a flight. When I clicked on the airport selection, the airport page shows only 12 add-ons (all FSDT airports and the Sheremetyevo DrezDesign installed in the Documents P3Dv4 add-ons folder, all the FlyTampa add-ons in the P3Dv4 folder), no P3D stock airports at all, no Aerosoft airport, no ORBX airport. In other words I can plan a flight be
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