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  1. To confirm, I have exactly the same problem with ORBX Central version 4, in my case, it is also an Australian airport that creates the freeze of the database builder: YMML, I deactivated the airport, but when running DB again it stopped at Package 51 (which contains YMML). Unfortunately, as I was not aware of the conflict with EFB (it is the first time I have such an issue in many years of usage), I already have migrated all my ORBX sceneries on v4, hence I will miss EFBv2 until you find the workaround. Many thanks for your help. If you want me to test anything on my system, I would be glad to assist in any way I can. To be complete, I had run P3D v4.5 several times before using the database builder. Best regards,
  2. Problem solved after a full re-install of the Server as well. What a Windows mess!!!
  3. I made a flight from UUEE to LFPO yesterday and EFB worked perfectly, as usual. Yesterday night my Flight-Planning PC on which the EFB client runs had its Windows 10 update. Today when I staretd EFB Client, it took for ever to load and actually it never loaded completely, it got stuck for good on "Loading Database files (airports). Thinking that perhaps the Windows update had corrupted some files, I un-installed the Client and re-installed it. No change, EFB finally loaded when I was on the ILS at Barcelona and at the same time P3D went into CTD... I restarted everything tonight and again my client gets stuck on "synchronising database files". The connection to the server does work since I can interrupt both server and client with the command from the client. Furthermore the client shows that it is loading, no red flag. Has anybody else experienced that and should I go about resolving it please? Thank you.
  4. Firstly regarding forum rules, I do sign systematically my posts, but looking at the forum page now, I see my signature, so is it something with the system? As for the issue mentioned above, after a full re-install of both Server and Client, everything is now back to normal. The problem was due to the fact that when I started my Server, it did not inform me that there was an update, however the Client did. So installing the Client update only created the problem since both entities could not communicate anymore. Problem solved on my side. Thanks. Jean-Claude (added manually in addition to my saved signature)
  5. Same problem here, I updated the Client only since I had a message for an update only on Client, the Server started with no message. I uninstalled the Client, downloaded the full installer for Client and re-installed, with the same result, permanent hang on start. EFB cannot be used at all. If your message tells the story, there should have been a message to update the Server as well, there was not, this is probably why we have this issue. I restarted the Server but there was no other message than re-run the database (for no reason since I did not change anything to my P3Dv4.5 at all). I did run the scenery again but no joy with the Client.
  6. May I humbly seek help on how to open "port13", even Google does not help much... First time I hear about this and I cant launch EFB2 twice in a row without having to enter name and email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated, presumably by a number of IT challenged old souls like me...! Thank you.
  7. Sorry Urs but the vendor will not accept my V1 license as a valid key for the 20% discount, and yes it does have 31 letters and numbers. What should we do next please? Jean-Claude
  8. Well after another hour or so, I could reconnect my Display Unit to my network PC. For some reason, the name of my server would not be accepted anymore by the DU setup, I had to change to the IP address, that alone was not enough, I had to change the timeout sending and disconnect,, restart the DU and everything is now back to normal. Windows update mysreries!!!
  9. I have been using EFB from its release date on a network computer with no issues (Windows 7 first and Windows 10 later) . Yesterday I updated Windows 10 on my Display Unit PC and Aivlasoft refuses to connect to the DataProvider. My server PC name remained as it was (running Windows 10 Home), when I start EFB Display I am getting a red message indicating that there is a network error. Going to Settings, "Remote" is selected as usual, my server name remained as before, when I click on "Check Name" it tells me "OK Hostname found", then I click "OK" at the bottom of the page and I get another message: "You either have to change the server mode to local or you must define a valid computer name on which the EFB Data Provider is running"....! Since my network is correctly set and active, that my EFB folders are visible from the Display Unit PC on my server and all paths correctly set, all EFB folders are excluded from Windows Defender, I wonder what else can get in the way. Having spent a couple of hours finding nothing, I turn to network gurus for help! Thank you for any guidance.
  10. Thank you Urs, Taking your advice, I uninstalled the third party configuration tool as well as EFB. I re-installed EFB and run the scenery update on the DataProvider and now have access to all my previous flight plans as well as my stock airports without error message. During the scenery update process only two red dots were seen regarding the identification of some unknown airports in the US which is of no importance to me. After so many years of unfailing and helpful service with FSX, my EFB is now part of my new P3Dv4 setup, waiting for version 2...! Enjoy a snowy week-end (at least that's what we have in Wallis!)
  11. Something new today that might help resolving this matter: I have installed today a number of airport add-ons on P3Dv4 and run the DataProvider scenery data update, then I opened my DisplayUnit and tried to plan a flight. When I clicked on the airport selection, the airport page shows only 12 add-ons (all FSDT airports and the Sheremetyevo DrezDesign installed in the Documents P3Dv4 add-ons folder, all the FlyTampa add-ons in the P3Dv4 folder), no P3D stock airports at all, no Aerosoft airport, no ORBX airport. In other words I can plan a flight between those 12 add-on airports only. So the question is why is the DataProvider not reading the stock P3D stock airport files, and why would it not have access to the Aerosoft scenery folder? Once we have an answer to that question , we will also have the solution... Evidently if the stock airports are not read by the DP, one cannot use these airports for planning and it gives that message "airport not available in FSX" (should be P3D). 2nd trial I rerun DP once more just now, and I noticed on the list of sceneries in ProgramData/Lockheed Martin/P3Dv4 that it says that all P3Dv4 sceneries do not exist (yellow dot), whereas the sceneries DO exist in the Program Files/Lockheed Martin/P3Dv4 scenery folder, so this explains why the stock airports are not read, thus unavailable for planning. All the ORBX files are also shown as not existing, when they do exist and again the paths are correct. Another strange point, all my Aerosoft sceneries in the Ecosystem Aerosoft folder are properly detected by the DP (no yellow dot) but are not in the list of available airports in my EFB DisplayUnit. I hope the above can help getting to a solution. With best regards, Jean-Claude
  12. I discovered this morning that I have the same error message as indicated above. I cannot load or make any existing flight plan (either from FSX or EFB databases), EFB would reject any destination airport as non existent in FSX... This happened after the Windows 10 "Fall Creator" updates. I updated EFB to the latest version of September to no avail. The other changes I made to my PC were the acquisition and installation of Prepar3D v4.1 the installation of FSL A320X (that I already had in FSX) Majestic 400 installed (also in FSX) All FSDT and FlyTampa Sceneries installed I am using EFB Display on a networked laptop. The EFB DataProvider was properly set on the sim PC for both FSX (for years) and P3Dv4 last week.
  13. After four days of reading, questioning here and there, troubleshooting and guessing, I finally got my EFB display to work as before on my laptop. I was unable to re-establish the HomeGroup on the laptop (it would only offer the "create"* button instead of "join") but as mentioned in my first message, my Simulator PC was detected by EFB (Hostname found), the link to the DataProvider could be created manually with no difficulty (although my simulator PC could not be seen on the drive selection tree!), and albeit my first attempt to do the same for the flight plans folders failed, I finally got them to work as well, and all that again manually, meaning that I wrote the paths one by one since the simulator PC was invisible. Amazingly, after writing the path and clicking on the button to select the path on the right, the drive selection tree was updated and the simulator PC was then appearing with all the shared files, but each time I started for another path, it would refuse to show the Simulator PC!!! The last sweat was for the FSX flight plan folder to load the flight plans from, I applied the same recipe and it worked after two attempts. May my adventure be useful to others, if you were unfortunate enough to hit that networking wall!
  14. Hello fellow desktop pilots... I had the very bad idea to upgrade my MacBook Pro OS last week and thus had to re install my Windows 7 on its BootCamp partition run by Parallels 9. For your information I used the same laptop and setup as my Display Unit for EFB for the past two years with no issues. Having re installed W7 Home edition 64 and my display Unit, I could easily find my PC on which I run FSX and network it to EFB DataProvider, my FSX PC is clearly shown on the tree from which I selected the correct folder. Then, I wanted to map one by one all my flightplan folders in EFB Display Unit following the same procedure, but 1/ My tree does not show my FSX PC anymore in the network, hence I cannot select the folders 2/ I tried writing the links very carefully in the boxes, to no avail as EFB would tell me that my folders do not exist I pinged my FSX PC on cmd from my laptop and everything is satisfactory, it does work, as EFB immediately found my host PC. So I am lost, I spent hours and hours in the past two days trying to rectify the problem, reading pages and pages on Internet on how to make this work, to no avail... Quite frustrating indeed, obviously not anything to do with Aivlasoft excellent EFB!!! Could anyone help me in my predicament please (I posted on Windows Community, Apple Community, Parallels forum and some others, no clue from anyone as of now unfortunately). Thank you!
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