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  1. Thanks, it seems I forgot that?? My bad. Cchiozza
  2. Is there a reason not all airports show on the map? Does it depend on the aircraft you are flying?
  3. Had a similar problem last night. Where is the refresh button?
  4. Also under STATUS, shows Simulator Default Profile Ground?
  5. I had to reinstall P3D and EFB, I cannot get the client to connect. It just shows LSZH? Did not have this problem before. No errors.
  6. Well no one said that the scenery.cfg directory is the ProgramData not the install of P3D. Why not put that on the panel where you enter directories???
  7. Yes the Scenery file is there X:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery. I tried pointing to the root and the Scenery directory. No change, No errors??
  8. I have pointed to the correct directories as far as I can tell. tried both app data and program file directories,
  9. New install, New Navigraph, good connection no airports. When I select a .pln it says airport code missing? Type in a good airport code same thing. I have it pointed to: From the DataProvider's menu "Extras" > "Settings", then select tab "Navigation data" one can select the folder of which cycle is to be used. It's important to always select the folder name which is hierarchically ABOVE the two folders mentioned at the beginning of this post. P3dV4.1 Help.
  10. When check "procedures" where are they written? I cannot find. Chris
  11. Is there anyway to export a squawk box file? I want to use on Pilot Edge. Chris
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