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  1. Installed new update and ran database builder - upon completion - got the following message: "Database creation finished with 2 warning(s) and/or 11 errors" I am attaching the files created during the process. I am not sure how to correct those errors. Or even find them. dbBuilderLogfile.txt serverLogfile.txt runwayMappings_P3Dv4-NG.txt
  2. This occurs in every flight. On the map view in Client, my actual position is shown and it appears this is the aircraft that ATC (VATSIM) can see. This aircraft does not show the callsign, etc. at all. I can only see the aircraft indicator. But lagging behind my aircraft (distance varies slightly) is an aircraft showing my callsign and the altitude and speed information. Note that both speed and altitude lag slightly also. Am I an exception or has anyone else encountered this? Franklin Duncan
  3. Ahhhh - I will make sure I start it with administrator rights in the future - thanks. Franklin Duncan
  4. Regarding start sequence, if I start EFB2 server before I start P3D - everything is fine. If P3D is running, and I click to start EFB2 server, I get an error message. Is this a common issue? I have read the manual but did not note any comment about start sequence. Apologies if I overlooked it.
  5. in v1 - you input the Departure and Arrival airports and the FP could be shown with only the waypoints, etc. Am I correct in v2 - the FP should list the airports ICAO codes - ex. KBHM (depart) and KATL (arrive)? Thanks - like all good software, this will take some reading of the manuals and experience. Looks great and if it is better than v1 - it will be a "required" addition to P3D.
  6. Thanks, but the issue was just solved as I noticed when performing the scenery update the ICAO code for the US was not being recognized. A complete reinstall corrected that and I just tested for this problem and was able to load a FP in the US with no problems. Franklin Duncan
  7. Prepare FP in PFPX exported to P3D. When trying to open the P3D flight plan - Aivlasoft does not seem to recognize any airport. It says something weird like - KBHM not found in FSX. Yes I have changed the sim in EFB - to P3D and looking at the Data Provider it show P3D is selected. Thoughts? Franklin Duncan
  8. Neat - I have been having trouble with KATL and KIAD - followed your advice and all the runways now show up. Thanks, Franklin Duncan
  9. Thanks for the reply and explanation and sorry for the missing name. Glad it was reasonable what I was seeing and not just an oversight. Great product - I cannot remember how I flew online without it. Franklin
  10. Flying into KSNA last night for practice on the ILS 19R. The approach display indicated the heading should be 182 degrees but the RW heading is 194 degrees. The graphic shows the ILS to be N of the waypoints for the ILS (SAGER - SNAKE - LEMON - DYERS). Flying the Duke Piston (RealAir Duke V2.0) which pulls its flight plan from EFB - when the APPH buttton was pressed the plane tried to turn right (prompting a call from ATC) - I ended up landing visual. Thought maybe my AIRAC was out of date - checked and no it is current. I would like to suggest someone at AivlaSoft check this out.
  11. Thanks moved both sliders (Airline and GA) to -0-.
  12. I am seeing AI traffic when connected to VATSIM. I have unchecked the AI traffic and checked the online traffic buttons/boxes. I had this showing only online traffic but had to rebuild FSX. Since the rebuild and reinstall of everything (including EFB) the AI traffic still shows. Any ideas?
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