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  1. I have the latest version of EFB v2 and recently had to recreate the database on the server. My Navgraph version is cycle 1903. During the process I noticed repeated messages: "Invalid Navaid: Multiple occurences of runway" The process completed successfully and I have not notices any problems yet, however, I would like to know if this is something which should be adressed. John
  2. EDDF_0001.pdf I enclose the airport info and EFB's rendering. The pdf contains the VATSIM rendering which is what I want. Where do I find the necessary update and where should it be installed. Sorry if my knowledge of these matters is elementary but I would be grateful if you could guide me through the process. I have found on the webb several free and payware scenery renditions of EDDF (if that is what is required) but there must be one that you recommend for my configuration. John
  3. Thankyou for your reply. I realise then that the problem is not with Aivlasoft. Are the airport scenery files to be found in my installation of Orbx Global ( base + LC Europe + Vector) or in P3DV4 itself? Where do I find up to date versions of these because I am pretty sure VATSIM is using the latest info. John
  4. I run P3DV4 and EFB v2 under Windows 10. My Navgraph Cycle is 1903. My question is concerning the discrepancy between the Vatsim ground chart for EDDF and the equivalent EFB ground chart. The taxiways and gates have an entirely different nomenclature and runway 22R is missing in EFB. Is there a way to match the two. It looks to me as though the EFB ground chart is out of date. John McWilliam
  5. I solved the problem with the above error by reinstalling Navgraph Charts, however, I still have a problem when I connect EFB. If I choose a flightplan EHAM-EKCH I still get the loud buzz described previously. The problem is that when I start EFB on my remote I get a loud buzz and the status section to the right show in yellow: Simulator Airac Cycle Minima (this line is repeated 10-12 times) If I choose to look at my arrival airport EKCH there is no buzz and all functions properly but going back to EHAM the buzz returns. I decided to uninstall my new FlyTampa scenery and start EFB again with a new DB. This did not help, the buzz and yellow text are still there when I doing anything connected with EHAM. Hopefully you can help me here because I have run out of ideas. John serverLogfile-1.txt dbBuilderLogfile.txt ChangeLog.txt
  6. I have just installed the above along with new GSX files from Airport2Sim which adjust some of the scenery and handling at the gates. I now find that I have two errors after rebuilding the database (see images below). They suggest something quite different - I recently removed Navgraph Simlink which was irritating me because it reminded me that I needed to update my Airac Cycle and since I was happy with 1903 I was not interested. The problem is that when I start EFB on my remote I get a loud buzz and the status section to the right show in yellow: Simulator Airac Cycle Minima (this line is repeated 10-12 times) Can you suggest how to handle this? John
  7. I just repaired my P3DV4 due to problems with VoxATC. I run under Windows 10 and have EFB v2 installed as a remote client. At the moment I a using the default scenery and have PMDG 737 ng installed along with the new version of EZCA 3.0. VoxATC has been uninstalled. When I start the sim and EFB all looks normal, however, when I start to taxi there is no reponse in EFB regarding movement of the aircraft. The red triangle remains at the gate. Can you help me fix this. John
  8. I found the .bgl file and downloaded it and extracted a folder with one .bgl file in it. I pasted the folder into the AFCAD folder, ran the Update Simulator but this did not give me runway 30/12. I found I had to delete the folder and place the .bgl file directly into the AFCAD file. This worked and I now have runway 30/12. It's a small point but can cause problems - the airport folder can be omited. Thanks for your input. John McWilliam
  9. I have now been running the demo version of efb 2 and am very impressed. Concerning the above statement I can say that the efb version of FlyTampa Copenhagen is much more accurate than in the earlier v1, however, there is one surprising omission: runway 30/12 is missing! That was not the case in efb version 1 and certainly not the case when you use and fly from that airport. Why is this? I have Copenhagen as my home airport and this is a crucial factor in my decision to invest in EFB V2.
  10. I still run EFB V 1 and recentlt bought the only (I think) good scenery available for EKCH (Copenhagen, Kastrup). I find that the Gates and taxiways are not in sync with EFB. The first question: Is this fixable. The second question: Is EFB V 2 in sync with my FlyTampa Scenery??
  11. I have EFB ver. 1.6.15 and run P3DV4. There were no problems until I decided on a flight to EGCC and got a runway assignment error for Manchester. It stated: "Nav data runway ident 05LR and 23LR could not be assigned to simulator runway." I have the Navgraph update 1711 installed. I was flying my PMDG 738 ngx and founf I could program the FMS to the above runways but they were designated as 06LR and 24LR. The Navgraph file used here is of coarse different but still part of the 1711 update so why the difference. Is this a problem with Aivalsoft or Navgraph? and how should I fix it? John
  12. OK I have it. I have the latest version of EFB. I had the NavData installed on the Client and have corrected that so it is now on the Server. Did an update in the Data Provider and now all is well- no offsets at ESSA. This was all due to the fact that I used to run everything from the same PC, (now the Client) now I have a remote settup. One last question - do I need the folders on the client under ...\document\Aivlasoft\EFB or can they be deleted? John
  13. OK, I did that and the file shown was: D:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0601\scenery\APX52100.bgl That to me was strange because I have EFB installed on my only C:\ drive - the D:\drive is designated to my DVD drive. This is a remote installation so the simis on my server. Otherwise the pgm functions normally. John
  14. The airport info (general) is correct but the .bgl file location is blank! John
  15. I have the latest version of P3Dv4 and EFB running under Windows 10. Also have ORBX - ESSA scenery. When I open my sim and place my aircraft at a Gate there is an offset compared to the EFB presentation which is disturbing. For example, when on a taxiway the aircraft is shown in EFB as being on the grass verge and sometimes parking at a gate has me, according to EFB, in the building. It would appear that ORBX and EFB are using different reference points or coordinates. Also, EFB has different Gate numbers - for example therei s no distinction between A and B gates. Is this something you plan to fix? How important is it when flying on VATSIM? Which of you are using the correct map references? I have posed the question to ORBX but they believe they are correct and that EFB must change it's data. JSMcWilliam
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