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  1. Urs- Email sent too you as well. Sorry for the double reply from you other message. This will be the final time I email you both ways. Ryan
  2. I have FSX-SE, but as for .exe, I run it off of FSX.exe because that’s the only option in FSX-SE that it will allow me to run off of. Also if that’s the case, how do I fix this? Ryan
  3. Urs- Updated from 2.0.51 to 2.0.52 as you stated, hit the deleted button re-ran the program and its still not reading it. Same issues as before. Here are my zip files. Even though the database fully builds compared to earlier the Client seems to be giving the wrong database location to o FSX-SE and thus is having me redo the database over and over again like before. Thanks. Ryan Client_201807060610.txt.zip Server_201807060610.txt.zip
  4. Urs- I am still having an issue. Everything seemed to be working alright at first then everytime I start the server up it continuously wants to rebuild the data base over and over and over again. When I start EFB first the FSX-SE, I keep getting a message: Any ideas? Ryan
  5. Ok, when I uninstall and reinstall the software, where should I actually install it too please. Ryan
  6. I just don’t know. I never had such an issue like this before with other installations including the regular EFB v1. Ryan
  7. Thank you zfunk for telling me where I need to go. I very much appreciate it. Thanks again, Ryan URS- Here are the zip files your have requested. Thank you for helping me with this. Ryan Server_201807021748.txt.zip Client_201807021748.txt.zip
  8. URS- How do I go about making a support file? I've tried, I must be that dumb Ryan
  9. Vic- I uinstalled and reinstalled for the 4th times and going through the same situation again. I need either URS or someone who knows this software to show me what I'm doing wrong. I have followed the manual and nothin g seems to work. Ryan dbBuilderLogfile.txt serverLogfile.txt
  10. I tried to update the Navigraph version, and it sill gives me the error in the database. This is getting ridiculous. Please let me know what I need to do to get this working. Nothing seems to be working since purchasing this software. Ryan? dbBuilderLogfile.txt WIN 10 FSX-SE
  11. I am still having a very hard time trying to get the proper install path . I had followed the manual with no success whatsoever. I thought this installation would be pretty much cut and dry, but its becoming more of a hassle. Once again, I went through the manual and still having problems. Thank you, Ryan Installation Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX Scenery.cfg: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Fsx serverLogfile.txt serverLogfile-1.txt serverLogfile-2.txt
  12. I am having the same exact problem only with FSX-SE. Please help. RYAN
  13. Hello- I've been having a hard time opening up the Compressed (Zipped) Folders Error. I have tried to download this numerous times and have had the same problem, where it say that the file is invalid. Can anybody out there please help. Thank you. Ryan
  14. Thank you Urs, I look forward to the new Beta Version. Thanks, Ryan
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