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  1. Rather a shame, as Majestic would probably give you the info to achieve this really easily. Its not like there are a million and one study-level a/c requiring a bit of extra work. Regardless of this, is there a way to make the radio panel stay on top all the time please?
  2. From the FS2Crew manual - http://www.support.fs2crew.com/help/manuals/default.aspx?pageid=windows_vista__windows_7_and_windows_81#pageid=overhead_panel2 - SET XXX (POINT/ DECIMAL) ON COMM 1- SET XXX (POINT/ DECIMAL) ON COMM 2- SET XXX (POINT/ DECIMAL) XX ON NAV 1- SET XXX (POINT/ DECIMAL) XX ON NAV 2
  3. FS2Crew can do it, so why not EFB? :s Seems like it would be very useful as the Q400 is a very accurate and well used add-on....
  4. Thankyou that worked - not sure why the saved other files didn't? weird...
  5. Just tried the radio panel flying the Q400. Changing the settings on the EFB dialog changes the radios etc in the sim, but this isn't replicated on the VC radio panel. Leads to a confusing situation where the two displays show entirely different freqs... Thanks K
  6. Just trying out EFB2 (used v1 before). I'm trying to load a flight plan .pln into P3D that I exported from EFB2. No joy, it doesn't seem to work? Any ideas why please? Thanks K
  7. Thank you Andy, at least it's not me having broken something Kevin
  8. I've been looking at radio freq changing in my dash8 through EFB, I can get it to change freq in sim, but that same freq change isn't reflected in the aircraft systems? Kevin
  9. I am unable to see my aircraft on the map at all. This is a new problem, EFB has been working properly before. I run over a home network, both machines on win7-64. Sharing is setup ok and displayunit can connect properly both on the local FSX machine and on the networked pc. However, I see no indication at all on either display of my aircraft in the map. I have tried troubleshooting simconnect to make sure it is working, and the settings in simconnect.xml are correct. I have tried restarting fsx and EFB but with no success. The only difference I can see between the networked displayunit and the local one is that the local one allows the TRFC button to be active whereas in the networking install it is greyed out. All other settings on the software are the same. Have I missed something really easy to fix here, or have I broken it somehow, could anyone assist please? Thanks very much k(evin) Edit: Seemed to have been something wrong with simconnect....I changed the port number in the xml file and now it works fine, I am getting my aircraft shown in red on both local and networked copies of DisplayUnit.
  10. Ok I managed to figure it out, I hadn't downloaded and pointed EFB at the vatsim definitions files. Then when the displayunit restarted there was an option to enable vatsim and everything is displayed perfectly. It was all down to not reading the manual properly, silly me! Great program Urs k
  11. Hi Urs, thanks for the quick response. I have the frequency ribbon displayed all the time. What I never get to see though is any indication on the moving map display of where the ATC is active. And at the moment, I can't even get EFB to display traffic (the TRFC option is completely greyed out) let alone a visual indication of the ATC online! :s Do I need to start my addons in any particular order? Does it only work when a SB flightplan is filed? Do I need to tell EFB somewhere how to 'get' info from VATSIM? Any ideas? Thanks k
  12. Hi maybe I'm missing something very obvious, when I'm logged into vatsim I can see traffic, but I can't see any indication of what ATC is online in EFB. Vatspy shows there are controllers online. I've looked through all the options and I can't see anything obvious that would explain the absence of ATC... Is there something obvious (or obscure!) that I've missed please? Thanks, Kevin
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