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  1. Just wanted to send out my congrats to the developers for a great job with ver 2. Completed my first flight last night and it went really well. Still reading the docs to get completely familiar with all the new stuff but all in all I'm a very happy customer. Tony
  2. Travis, Wanted you to know that all is working great now with the new dll you uploaded. Thanks again for the prompt and accurate fix. Tony
  3. Not sure if the missing "airways" issue has been looked at yet but I am also seeing the same behavior when trying to load a EFB created plan into AeroSoft's AirbusX. I've emailed support with all of the supporting information they asked for with a previous poster. It appears to me that one airway will not load when importing the plan into AXE. It does appear to always be the LAST airway of the created plan and ALL other airways listed before the last one ARE properly loaded into AXE. Hope to hear from support guys soon. Tony P
  4. Folks, When using either 1311 or the newer 1311 v2 from Navigraph - I'm having "grey out" window at KORD runway/SID/STAR departures inside EFB. I went back to 1310 and the problem went away. Can someone please have this rectified ? Thanks Tony
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