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  1. Thanks Urs. I give it a try next time I fly online. Peter
  2. Hm, not sure what I do wrong. I create the flightplan, then input the cruise level, then callsign and then finish. Do I have to save the flightplan to get rid off the mirrored aircraft? WHere am I supposed to see the callsign on the sidebar? Thanks Peter
  3. Hi, I am still having this "echo" problem. My call sign is definitely the same as on the IVAO flightplan. Peter
  4. Hi I also do have the echo of my own aircraft being on the IVAO network, callsign is correct.
  5. Not here unfortunatelly, running P3Dv5 and ASP3D. Peter After a restart everything seems fine now.
  6. Hi, after building a new database my remote client stucks at "synchronizing files". Thanks for the help. Peter clientLogfile.txt After trying several times it finally worked.
  7. Thanks again, everything is working fine now. Peter
  8. Thanks a lot; can't I just rename the folders? Peter
  9. 1. db showed 01.05.2020 as the date and not today when I built the db 2. Why, unfortunatelly I don't know 3. Aerosoft Mega Zürich2.0 installer 1100 4. Outside of P3D under a created folder named Zürich Thanks Peter dbBuilderLogfile.txt
  10. I have ILS/LOC 14 and ILS/LOC 28 greyed out. I did run the db builder twice but noticed that there was no new database built. I deleted the current db and built a new one, but still the same problem. I will check my scenery folders. I reinstalled Aerosoft LSZH again outside of P3D to no success. Peter
  11. Now I have the same problem with the recently installed Megaairport LSZH. Navigraph charts are correct, FSL Airbus FMS correct, can fly the ILS approach with no problem. Also the groundchart does not show the correct layout. Of course I did run the db builder after installation. Thanks Peter
  12. Great support, thank you very much, Oskar. Peter
  13. Thanks Oskar, I used aero.sors already several times and it corrected some airports. Unfortunately not LIPX. Would I have to edit the .bgl for LIPX? Never done that before. Peter
  14. Hi, since the latest Navigraph update I have problems with ILS at various airports. 2 Examples: LIPX ILS04 !No LOC available; EDDK ILS32R !LOC outdated My FMS of the aircraft does offer the ILS approach, but does not establish on the LOC. Maybe a Navigraph problem, I will also ask there. Thanks Peter dbBuilderLogfile.txt
  15. Hi, I just updated my EFB server and wanted to do the same with my remote client which I am not able to. If I start the client it connects to the server and then hangs. Thanks for the help. Peter Update worked today. Everything is fine. clientLogfile-2.txt
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