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  1. Thanks Urs, I had a problem with IVAP. Now it is working fine. Peter
  2. Hi, I cannot see any IVAO traffic anymore. It used to work fine and I haven't changed anything. Traffic monitor does not show any traffic either. It works when I use AI traffic. Thanks for the help. Peter
  3. Thank you very much, Urs. That did the trick. Happy EFB user again. Peter
  4. Hi, I installed the EFB server on a new PC Win10, the EFB client is still on Win7. The client does not connect to the server. Both PCs are connected via a LAN cable and sitting in same WiFi network, ping test works both sides. I have not reinstalled the client. I tried putting in the name of the Server-PC as well as the ip-address. Thanks for the help. Peter clientLogfile-5.txt
  5. Works now. I did not do anything except rebuilding server database several times. Although I noticed that the database builder doesn't show a new database; it shows only one built from a couple of days ago. Peter
  6. Hi, after installing a new scenery and generating a new database in the EFB server my EFB client hangs at "Synchronizing database files..." Thanks for the help. Peter clientLogfile-1.txt
  7. Thanks so much, Oskar. What a stupid mistake. Peter
  8. Somehow I am not able to create a profile. Don't know where my mistakes are. In that case Vertex Diamond DA62 Manufacturer = Diamond Model = DA62 Series = Vertex Variation = wheel Show as = Diamond DA62 Airfile names = Vertex_DA62 Than I fill in all the other information, always hit apply. But everytime I load the DA62 the EFB client shows "No profile for the Diamond DA62". Thanks for the help Peter
  9. I am on Win7, but tried with the IP address to no success. This is not a big problem as I am still able to connect via wireless network. Thanks for your help Peter
  10. On the wireless adapter I have DHCP whereas on the LAN adapter there is a fixed ip-adress. This was always the case also with EFBv1 where I could connect via LAN. Peter
  11. Thanks Jonas, I do have the paid version. If a disable my wireless adapter on the client, thus having no internet access, and have the LAN connection to the server PC only, the client does not connect to the server. No problems when I have my wireless adapter enabled. Yes I set my AS folder correctly I think C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\AS_P3Dv4\Weather\current_wx_snapshot. Peter Weather is working now, don't know what was wrong. But still no connection with LAN only.
  12. Thanks Oskar, yes sim was running, I have a LAN connection and a wireless connection between the 2 PCs. It seams the client is always picking the wireless one; did also a refresh of the weather. So I am a bit lost. Peter I tried to connect Server and Client via the LAN connection, but that does not work anymore, it requires a connection with internet access. EFB 1 worked fine that way.
  13. Metar is not drawing the correct report. E.g. LSZR A/S Metar shows 1021, 231@4kts, EFB client 1023, vrb@3kts. The client is networked, settings/global is set to ActivSky. Peter
  14. Hi Neal, the filter criteria define e.g. minimum runway length for your currently selected aircraft. Let's assume you are flying an A320 and the runway length of your destination airport is 1000m, then you get the above message. This is just an example, KSAN has long enough runways. To check which filters are set for your aircraft just go on the client in "Profiles Editor". If you fly an airliner just try KLAS LVELL KSAN, that might work. Departure procedure could be BOACH8, arrival procedure LUCKI1. Peter
  15. In my case this might be due to my trial version, so that the server and the client need a internet connection to start up. Peter
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