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  1. Same problem with ILS22L at EKCH - latest 1913 AIRAC
  2. Latest update and still no ILS on EPGD
  3. As in topic. Any idea how fix it? Does it problem on EFB or Navigraph or developer - DrzewieckiDesign?
  4. On ORBX forum there is sollution - fix replace two files and all works fine. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/182193-egph-ils-06/?do=findComment&comment=1585404
  5. After updating AIRAC to 1912 on EGPH there is only NDB 06 no ILS. Any idea? [EDIT] rebuild database - solve problem
  6. Disabling FSAEROdata - solve problem. BTW thx for interest and support. Writing them about problem.
  7. I've already added FSAerodata into sim library. On EGPH only NDB24/06
  8. On EGPH there is no ILS procedure in EFB. I was writing about it in navigraph forum: https://forum.navigraph.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8380
  9. Approaching LGKR on EFB2 I haven't found VORA/VORB app for those airport. I attached screens from Navigraph Charts.
  10. Have also AS EDDF latest ver. Flying B748F. Please show your radial into aircraft profile. https://photoland.io/i/2tRS4Q
  11. OK! So color of gate/parking depend machine profile In EDDF also all gray.
  12. As in image. All position looks gray. https://imgur.com/a/LcIUAgw
  13. HI! When doing touch/ngo on airport functrion GoArr going out. And can't add procedures.
  14. OK! Thx for support. Keep Calm and take a rest! You make perfect JOB!
  15. It was yesterday 18th, I attached all logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EhvmfmYZRXydHRLMCt_c0lP4W4TI5Njg/view?usp=sharing
  16. Latest ver serv+client. On IVAO when pressing O/BND there is no aircraft and bond labels. When is off all works. Today flight is with Maastricht coverage radar FL230+ maybe some radar layers causing problem? Attached screens
  17. Today test flight to LEBB. After touch/ngo flightpln reset and want to add info about approach/rwy etc but on airport all buttons is disabled (Arrival BTN) Even add airport from list doesn't help.
  18. HI! As in topic. After Touch/nGo fplan gone and can't add it from company routes.
  19. Last sollution -helped. Thx for support! Waiting now for update to view VATSIM/IVAO bound
  20. I don't expect to transfert FP to FSLabs but into default GARMIN P3D - as I wrote on begin - previously it automatically put fp into garmin and Active Sky.
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