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  1. after final check, I just discovered that I te clicks on one who had pointed in my EFB2 privilege does not address the case is ... previous life now! it seems to work properly again. thanks again
  2. No, I do not have this kind of tool on my PC, I will wait for the arrival of P3DV5 to take the opportunity to update my PC and order on it ...
  3. Hello friends, I thought I was done with this case, no! This morning, wanting to start a new flight session, I launched the EFB server, and I saw a message arrive on my desktop telling me that I was under version # 115 and that I had to update to version # 116! I went irons in the "Logfiles" directory that the file "serverLogfile.txt had the version number # 115, there were several other older" serverLogfile.txt "files that carried the good version # 116, I therefore replaced the last file by an older one with the reference to the correct version. I then started the server again which to
  4. Problem solved ! I uninstalled properly (like every time!) And reinstalled this time on the default path, it works. Thank you Lonewulf47. See you soon Jean-Luc
  5. Thank you I will do the installation by default, I hope it will be fine! ...
  6. Mon EFB est installé sur un disque différent de celui du système, cela peut-il affecter l’installation ? Cet emplacement était valide avant la dernière mise à jour - 116
  7. Merci, je vais suivre ces instructions et vous tenir informé du résultat.
  8. Je désinstallé du panneau de configuration / programmes et fonctionnalités, les deux entités: Serveur et Client. J’ai fait un coup CCleaner pour la sécurité, y compris le registre. J’ai réinstallé de la version chargée #116 sur le site. J’ai encore eu ce problème ce matin. Actuellement, je vole après avoir relancé P3D sans fermer EFB pour éviter le problème. Mais je ne vais pas être en mesure de laisser mon PC travailler indéfiniment donc je n’ai pas à réinstaller EFB!
  9. Hello, Since update build #116 Aivlasoft EFB2, I have a big problem : after launching my P3DV4, when I want to launch a new simulation session and I restart EFB Server, I receive a message telling me that there is an update and I see that the installed version is 2.1 (buil # 115). I uninstalled EFB2 several times completely and reinstalled the latest version (build # 116) but nothing changes I get this message every time and every time I close and restart EFB Server, I have this problem. Help me please. Thank you. To read to you, Jean-Luc.
  10. Unable to launch EFB2 normally, I receive the following error message "the comservices.bin file cannot be found". I reinstalled the server and it doesn't change anything. I always get the same message. airports.bin the file is not found despite several relocations
  11. hi guys, since installing the latest version 2.1.113, I do not see active ctr VATSIM while they were in the previous version. it is problematic to see what assets controllers and to prepare com radios. the VATSIM network is active, I have had the active online, but no online active ctr. how to fix it?
  12. hi guys, thank you for that answer. I will do what is necessary after updating the latest version.
  13. Hello gentlemen, this morning I had to reinstall efb v2, but during client launch I rtends that he seeks without finding the "server" .. I convey log files detected problem. can you help me to solve it? Client_201911051027.txt.zip Server_201911051028.txt.zip
  14. I can not find anything about it in the client documentation
  15. Hello everyone, I would like to be able to use the checklits in EFB2 but I can not find the xml file of the checklit; How to do ?
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