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  1. Congratulations, Urs! I am sure that many of us are eager to install EFB v2.
  2. Geir, I feel that you are just trying to score some rather cheap points today. Urs hardly needs you to point out the existence of competition. I have always found Urs to greatly care about the quality of his software and he has readily told us of the challenges he faces in creating a quality EFB v2. It seems that your contribution is only an opportunity to prompt an early release. Your comments do not add to this. I hope that you will accept my well-meant comments.
  3. Ray, Of course EFB v2 might be a part of a grander plan. I know nothing officially.
  4. Hi Urs, Solved! You were spot on. Somehow the Data Provider setting had been reset to P3Dv2 instead of P3Dv3. Set this correctly and then the database was rebuilt correctly. All now working as expected. Have a peaceful weekend, Kind regards, Richard
  5. Hi Urs, I have just started receiving this message from EFB DisplayUnit before starting my P3D v3.3.5. After starting P3D v3.3.5 the same problem. I have re-run DataProvider scenery data update without effect I have re-run FTX Global Vector Airport Elevation Corrections without effect. Don't understand it. Help please? Cheers, Richard
  6. I feel that iPad use is an absolute natural for EFB software. Surely it cannot reasonably be overlooked for EFB V2?
  7. On restart of PMDG and EFB, I couldn't get EFB to use the FP current during the previous part of the flight. Is there a way for EFB Display to retrieve the current route and aircraft position from DataProvider? Cheers, R
  8. Andy, I disagree. TOPCAT just checks at initialisation whether there are any changes to be applied. Only if there are is there any delay. And I am happy for the delay caused by an update so that I can use the latest data. Cheers, R
  9. It would be great if DataProvider checked for changes since its last use to determine whether an automatic scenery index update is required. Cheers, R
  10. I agree that gates/ramps should not be a part of EFB flight plans. It's just not real-world! Cheers, R
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