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  1. Ah yes, That is a question for me too. Because when you are flying on line it happens quite often you are redirected and have to leave the star at some point.
  2. Hi all, I received the same mail from Navigraph.. I will switch from navigraph to navdatapro. Support for my addons is sufficient. If we all could urge Aerosoft to suport Simbrief it might help. Gert
  3. Hi all, I have to reprt the same problem with EFB 1.3.2 When I use FSX with efb (display unit on remote computer) FSUIPC starts to behave strangely. I used FSUIPC to calibrate Yoke axis and define some knobs. After some 20 mins yoke axis and throttle do not function anymore. However, functions still defined via FSX still work. Sometimes I can get FSUIP working again by entering the UI and moving something in the axis calibration tab. After some hesitation functions come on again. Other times this doesn't work at all. This behavior started after installing EFB 1.3.2 I used the FSUIPC and EFB combi for a year without a problem. I hope you can amend the problem. I will try to reinstall EFB1.3.1 Thanks, Gert
  4. Thanks Urs for your trouble on this subject. I will try if I can find a reliable database. I now edited some ehgg appr in the navdata. BUT each new cycle can overwrite the holding edited...... I copied the syntax from missed appr holdongs eg from eheh. I hope Navigraph will change their strange attitude..... Thanks again, Urs Gert
  5. I would very much appreciate it if holdings are in the generated charts of efb. I've had a discussion with Navigraph, but it seems they are of the opinion that holdings are not a part of arrivals or approaches. This view was strongly contested by some real life pilots, pointing out atc is telling them to hold at a published holding pattern which is in the published charts. In my opinion they should be in the efb, because what's the point of an efb if you still need paper charts (for a published holding)? I understand the problem lies with Navigraph. Maybe some rl pilots should talk to them. By the way, efb is a great application. I use it with pleasure! Gert
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