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  1. To whom it may concern, I have succesfully been using Aivla Soft on a network environment for a very long time. For reasons I stopped and installed the full program (dataprovider & displayunit) as Local on my main PC. Thus far no problems installing however after having completed the install procedure I startup the DataProvider and await untill the *Provider is ready and running* after which I start the displayUnit. Then starts my problem namely: when receiving the popup message * Connecting to DataProvider* an other popup message sys *Disconnecting! Trying to reconnect* at which at the sametime an other message appears stating Electronic Flight Bag - DataProvider has stopped working (close program). In the DataProvider popup however I see a line stating * New connection from accepted. Please someone assist as I am at a loss after having been trying fro 3 consecutive days. Regards Dirk AivlaSoft.docx
  2. I seem to have missed the concerned FAQ and thank you very much for your assistance. Regards Dirk
  3. The program does not provide me with any terminal proceures for arrival & approach PANC while Navigraph does have them in the Airac1306 . Await your answer for which I thank you in advance. Regards Dirk Karmelk
  4. I cannot find Johannesburg Int'l in as a airport. Please explain why and what to do Kind regards Dirk Karmelk
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