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  1. just cross checked... i guess i have an egg in my face now :* 32L - there is no published approach. if in error - i stand to be corrected. sorry for the bother marc
  2. fsdream team scenery got an error while searching and loading airport info about chicago ohare kord. i perfomed the airport txt update as usual but could not find a difference between fsx and/or aivlasoft airac ap info. however when i made search in the airac file for kord i got 2 additonal rwy info - from an airport unrelated to kord but having the same 4 letter string kord. important: only 32L APPROACH is greyed out (arrival 32L works) - AIRAC ISSUE? cycle 1203 loaded. puzzled thanks for looking into it (found out 'coz it will be the destination airport for the 'cross the pond 2012 westbound..... wieso immer ich? why always me.... marc
  3. i understand i ve around for quite a while as well. i developped sceneries for fs3/4 etc...... long ago. g3d.dll issue is as old as msfs, almost. i tested it out now - forth and back and all my prior issues are gone completely. i used fsuipc (paid version) for many years - and yes, pete is somewhat a genius. the fsuipc does NOT CURE the issue of g3d.dll memory call issue - it suppresses only the fatal CTD - and that in itself is a huge success!! thanks for pointing it out to all of us. and yes, there is an issue at ebbr still - it just does not crash anymore i don't care anymore what it is that kept crashing almost every fs at or aournd ANT VOR. marc
  4. william one detail that we found out about ivao ai (mtl pack) not showing is simple: xplane! and another is - those sending their specs via SB4 (or using sb4 for that matter). i still do not understand why people/simmers would so desperately cling to the totally outdated sb4...?? other than the not-available a/c repo and vatsim server ip addy list - fsinn/copilot is far better and more reliable (sb4 tends to send msfs CTD) marc
  5. this is one of the most important posts - ever - for the FSX community! thanks heaps for this GGFlyer :) alleviates the frustration of many fsx users worldwide and... finally proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that aerosoft's denial of EBBR crash, is indeed not a fiction! (as promoted by mr oliver pabst). what thrills me more is the fact that i might now be able to finish my approaches on the orbx sceneries (during wf2011 i crashed at each and every approach - thought it was an overload of online tools vs. my 16gb ram machine thanks again - ^5 marc
  6. regarding frequencies on the ENROUTE MAP urs was absolutely right!! got the 3 dots on the upper edge and pulled it down to make them visible! one more to scratch off the 'to-do-list' appreciate your help, urs - great support, as always - ^5 marc
  7. i got that right the first time around - thx for clarification (and enlightenment)
  8. lol i got it that way, too. however i learned that the word 'impossible' is absolete and a mind construct. it is only a matter of perception. we tend to 'judge' situations, places and things through our own limited perception - what seems impossible to us - might be different for others we all have different backgrounds and living conditions - ambitions, aims/goals, and committments, too. none is neither right nor wrong - thats another mind set of dualistic illusion. cheers, marc
  9. why would i make this up? you will soon get the data sheet from wf. i had wfg updating the cummulated hours for donation purposes marc but we are digressing here...
  10. egg in my face old fart as i mentioned... must be the hangover from wf - thats a good one thanks andy marc
  11. what was your callsign, if i may ask? cheers from HAL55 (aka Marc) and yup, i even suggested that somebody puts up a countdown clock towards the next edition - it's quite addictive check out the worldflight forum and/or the FB (facebook) - has some nice contributions. sorry moderator: wouldn't know of how else to get a 'private message' in this forum... hints? old fart here
  12. hi zimmer me too, i spent some time flying some 40 legs on wf2011 - totally exhausted as you might easily imagine here is the thing - that is quite appropriately mentioned by urs: take note that for many fir's, the WFG (worldflight group) used 'fake' atc callsigns, approved by and executed by 'WF/VATGOV approved controllers'(only a few select ones). they oftentimes used non-standard callsigns/freq to accommodate the needs (unlike for example the fss - which are recognized by EFB) and created firs/freq that are non-existant in rl (as far as i know and remember - e.g. in africa and asia). don't you worry - WF2011 is happily over for an entire year and in Nov. 2012 we might face another situation, including the often cited EFB V 2.x ps: they all showed up in due time in either fsinn or sb4 - and were always referred to by either the new atco calling you or by the tuned-in atco (referring to the next). no big deal - but your remark is valid indeed, they did not 'show up' and another note to urs/aivlasoft: enroute display does never show any atc - can/could this be fixed in V2.x?? so you don't have to click on app/dep for that matter. cheers Marc
  13. de-activate sounds of either software and fly again. i would de-activate efb first - 'cos its of no such big importance when observing your flightplan/progress; whereas the acars has more an alert status, does it not? or the other way round. the crash could occur when both softwares try simultaneously to call the same dll. my 2 cts here - not rocket science by alll means. marc
  14. ggflyer - high5 on the 'tricks' i might add in all due respect: the possibility of changing indicated speed/altitude at certain mandatory waypoints (star and sid alike). looks like version 2 is gonna be a major overhaul/improvement - looking forward to it. thanks for all the great work/effort and committment you all put into it - it's appreciated! marc
  15. here is one more detail i have discovered while using efb say we have a flightplan from a to z. i have noticed, when adding the desired approach into efb (from a certain waypoint - which mustn't be the last in the flightplan - that's important here!) efb will add the desired star but will not automatically 'eliminate' the waypoints that were in the flightplan between the arrival airport and the connecting point of the star. if this happens - only a manual deletion of that/those waypoints will remedy the proper display. just a 'detail' i thought was worth mentioning the fmc pmdg md-11 does recognize it and eliminates the 'unnecessary waypoint(s) automactially, just as an example... marc
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