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  1. Great news! Havent been around for some time due to... nevermind, but am very pleased to read about a possible Q3 release. Keep it up
  2. Nice! Hope there is not to much to edit after beta periode
  3. hmmm... you better check again. LIFR I can see mentioned, but not LIMC. IMC on the other hand is well known.
  4. Hi I wondered about the meaning of the message "Low Instrument Metorological Conditions", but cannot find any written reference to this. After talking to a retired norewgian ShortField Airport operator, I was told that the use of LOW before IMC was not a regular term. As we will never meet this term in real world, it should not be used in EFB to.
  5. Do you know is one is better then the other? I think I prefer to have everyhing One place, not two.
  6. I noticed yesterday that the UK2000 sceneries install them selves differently from all other sceneries I have in P3D v4. They are the only sceneries that end up in a sceneries.xml... or was it scenery-addons.xml... and inside the sim, in scenery library, they have a blue marking in the checker box. This happens after using the new installers from UK2000
  7. You chart will show the information in the AFCAD to every airport. If the AFCAD miss a taxyway or other info like name and numbers, EFB will not be able to show present it more correct. FSaerodata only give info regarding waypoints and stations ABOVE ground
  8. Preformance-vice it is no problem running this along with your sim, but you could run into issues if running sim in FullScreen mode. It should be possible to adjust this in display properties in nVidia CP or Cathalyst (is it called that still?). The advantage of running EFB on a tablet or other PC, is that you do not risk to interfere with your simulator in any way reg. EFB. Never mind the performance. It is no problem
  9. I have been a user of Aivlasoft EFB since almost day 1, and I love it. I dont think there is many users that have used this program more then I have, and I really want to use a new versin for the next 6 years It's not cheep points. We need some solid news that a V2 with fresh code is "around the corner". I want the job done, but want smarter applications. EFB is not updating any more, and not bringing any improvements for years will soon place it in history when new programs do the same tasks smarter...
  10. Hi Urs You are starting to get some REAL competition out there! I still use EFB as I am so familiar with it, but it's hard to get other to chose this old software before 2 or 3 new competitors that is up and running and in continuous development. In a short time, Navigraph will release their solution for moving map, and it looks really interesting. FSFlightControl is another already operational efb, and us Prosim737 users will soon get another EFB via plugin... Froom and others try, but lack direct support for maps/navdata, but things are moving. Hope you get v2.0 out there before it is to late...
  11. The navdata folder was problem. It even have a pic and text in the settings window that tell us the correct folder to point to. I onlyy got mes "Folder does not contain SIDSTAR or NAVDATA"... or something like that.
  12. For some strange reason, when I started the data provider yesterday, all settings regarding folders and navdata was deleted. It has been two weeks since last time i used it, but that have happened before without causing trouble. I reinstalled navdata, but EFB would not recognize SIDSTAR folder even i pointed to the correct folder( 2 parents up) I had to manually copy/paste the navdata to EFB folder. I got it working, but my folder structure is NOT correct now. Could it be a win10 problem?
  13. My experience is that users in T2G forums will fix AFCAD if we report it in there. Please do. I will follow the forums as well
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