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  1. Thank you Urs that fixed the problem. Strangely I have used EFBv2 practically from day one when it was released without this problem. Only thing I can think of that's changed recently is I read running P3D4 in Administration rights mode helps P3D to run smoother so I changed the P3D exe to Administration Rights mode which is about when the problem with EFB started. Anyway all back to normal again, thanks for your help 😊 Glen
  2. I have just started getting an error message when I start the EFB Server with P3D4 already running. If I start the Server prior to running P3D it loads without the error. Glen
  3. Hi Urs Many thanks for your replay. I agree SID, STARS should never be loaded as a flight plan import but if .pln imports could be imported without the sid/star that would be a great addition to your fabulous program. Thanks for looking into it Regards Glen
  4. As a user of EFB v1 for many years, I have now upgraded to v2 and really pleased with my purchase, its a great improvement on v1, didn't think that was possible ? My only query is why has v2 not included the import of .PLN files. these are the standard central pivot of FSX/P3D flight plan files, most other 3rd party flight planning software offer the ability to save to the Documents/ (FSX/P3d) files folder and this used to be my main method of loading a flight plan into EFBv1 (as EFB is not designed as a flight planning software). I appreciate this is still available via the 'Uplink option' but its not very user friendly compared to having a PLN import facility within the FPL tab menu, it involves going into Windows folders to import the .pln flight plan (ok if you are Windows tech savvy). I have read the manual many times and still can't understand why this previously normal method of importing flight plans has been left out of EFBv2 ? Glen
  5. Hi Oskar Many thanks for your reply. I definitely come under the heading VFR as opposed to 'sightseeing'. I use a program called Skydemon (payware version) to create the initial flight plan so I can avoid Controlled Airspace, Danger areas etc. and fly over small towns that are not available on the EFB map, trying to plan as close as possible to the real world VFR flightplans. As Skydemon is a real world planner its not geared up for simming and the only save format I can use is *.gfp (Garmin GTN format). I was hoping to use EFBv2 as a moving map but can't find a way to get the waypoint detail of Skydemon into EFB. Glen
  6. I'm very impressed with V2 for IFR flying, such a lot of useful information available. However 50% of my Flight Sim time is VFR where v2 is not so useful due to the lack of detail on the map, unless you fly from VOR to VOR its only really worth using for the Dept and Arr airfield data. I currently use Little NavMap but would like to use EFB as that's what I use for IFR. Has anyone found a better way of using EFBv2 for VFR ? Glen
  7. One of the aspects I really like with EFBv2 is the Vertical Guidance option, especially with aircraft that do not have a dedicated VNav mode like the Realair Turbine Duke which I am currently flying. What would be very useful is if the user could input a required altitude or FL at one of the flight plan waypoints, so if ATC says be at XXXX waypoint at 5000' feet, this could be entered in EFBv2 and the VG would guide you down to the correct level. Also on this point I was flying into Exeter (EGTE) with the ILS26 activated in EFB as my approach, both FF26 (5.5miles) and CF26 (7 miles) both show at or above 2200'. Unfortunately EFB VG only recognised FF26 which is the FAF and not CF26 so I couldn't get down to CF26 at 2200' to approach the glide slope flying level. I did manage to adjust this using the 'banana' but it would have been better if I could have directed the VG to CF26 instead of FF26. Glen
  8. On the subject of ground charts, I departed London Gatwick yesterday (UK2000) airfield and was very impressed with the Taxiway markings but noticed there was no runway holding points. Other airfields like Isle of Man EGNS shows runway holding points - where does EFB2 get this information from ? Glen
  9. I also have been a user of EFB v1 and couldn't quite see how it could be improved, however v2 is definitely a massive Wow factor. A great deal of thought has gone into this program and so far I can't fault it. In the past I was a Beta tester for a similar product and prided myself in coming up with good ideas to make that product better, but with EFB v2 the developer has already surpassed anything I could suggest. A trial wasn't necessary for me I bought it on experience of the previous version, a massive thumbs up from me Urs ? ? ? Glen
  10. Thanks Bob, I was about to ask the same question ☺️ Glen
  11. Agree, one minute past midnight would be nice
  12. I've been reading through the User Guide for a couple of days, EFB v2 contains so much useful information and can see a lot of thought has gone into this version. Really looking forward to buying it on Sunday ☺️
  13. Urs I have done a bit more investigating and noticed when I go to Free Flight in FSX then Select Airport, if I choose Gatwick (one of the UK2000 Xtreme airfields) and look at the available parking areas in the Starting Position box, they match what is showing in EFB Display. So it looks like these UK2000 Xtreme files are somehow corrupted even after a reinstall, so the EFB DataProvider is just reading these corrupted files I'll have to contact UK2000 support and see what's going on. Glen
  14. Hi Urs Thanks again for your help. I have just had a looked at the Scenery.cfg file in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\ and the top line under General says :- [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE Why would it say FS9 ?? is this the problem ? Glen
  15. Urs I have done a bit more checking with this issue. I have the UK2000 VFR Airfields volumes 1,2 and 3, and can confirm I have no parking stand issues with any of these airfields. With regard to the UK2000 Xtreme series they are for FSX and not FS2004, I have Gatwick EGKK, Newcastle EGNT, Cardiff EGFF and Edinburgh EGPH installed, Edinburgh is the only one of these with a full compliment of stands and gates, the other three only have about 30 or 40% of the available gates showing in the Display Unit. I decided to uninstall Cardiff, reboot my computer then re-install using the correct FSX files, currently version 1.02 as per the UK2000 manual, so everything is now installed by the book. Unfortunate after re-running the EFB DataProvider, Scenery Data Update I still only have a few stands showing in the Display Unit for Cardiff. I don't know what the difference is between Edinburgh and the others, but prior to reinstalling FSX all installed UK2000 Xtreme airfields were displaying ok. Glen
  16. Hi Urs I'm pretty sure everything is compiled for FSX but I'll take another look and report back. Glen
  17. I don't remember having this issue before, but since reinstalling FSX and all my 3rd party add-ons including EFB and UK2000 Xtreme airfields only half of the available parking spots are showing in the EFB Display Unit. I did a Google search and found a couple of older threads with this problem and think the problem was fixed with a later update as EFB was looking at the wrong bgl file or something like that. I am currently using version 1.5.1 and confirm I have run the Scenery Data Update within the Data Provider about three times now. I have the Display unit on both the FSX computer and networked from a Laptop and its the same picture on both. Any ideas please Glen
  18. Hi Urs I have seen this a couple of times with the NGX, although as this is the main plane I fly lately, I don't know if it occurs on other aircraft. If I see it again, I'll try and remember in what order I started FSX, ASE, EFB etc. Glen
  19. Hi I have been flying the PMDG 737NGX a lot lately and most of the time I have no problems with EFB. Occasionally however I notice when looking in the 'Flightlog' there are no fuel flow figures, just a big red box with N.A. in it. As I say most of the time its ok, could I be starting something in the wrong order to lose the fuel flow data from FSX ? Glen
  20. I have just recieved a reply from someone on the Vatsim FSInn forum who says if you submit a flight plan using the 'Vatsim Prefile System' this locks the flight plan and prevents any further amendments i.e. from the FSX Flight Planner. I haven't tried this yet but hopefully it will get around the problem of using a GPS type aircraft and FSInn and messing up the flight plan while using EFB. Glen
  21. Hi Urs, I was doing some testing today and confirmed the Vatsim Server 'flight plan' changes are caused by changes within the FSX Flight Planner. I have submitted a post on the Vatsim FSInn forum to see if anything can be done their end to LOCK a flight plan once its entered for the first time, so further changes to the FSX flight planner do not update the Vatsim/FSInn flight plan. Regarding EFB, is there any way it could be programmed to send flight plan changes directly to the GPS rather than the FSX Flight Planner, which would eliminate this problem or can it only be done via the FSX Flight Planner. Glen
  22. Hi Urs I've changed the title of my first post as it sounds like EFB was causing the problem which of course it is not, as you say its FSInn Glen
  23. Just a heads up to others who use FSInn and EFB when flying online. Last night I noticed when I came to fill in the FSInn flight plan it was already filled in with a very long waypoint by waypoint route. I deleted this and entered the shortened version and sent my flight plan. Later in the flight I checked the FSInn plan again and it reverted to the long version again. Its not a fault of EFB, but whats happening is I had "Create Garmin GPS Flight Plans" ticked which sends the EFB plan to the FSX Flight Planner -as designed. FSInn unfortunately copies this information from the FSX Flight Planner to FSInn so each time you change something in EFB the FSInn flight plan changes. If you fly a non GPS aircraft like say the NGX make sure "Create Garmin GPS Flight Plans" is unticked. I'm hoping there is a way to prevent the FSX Flight Planner sending this info to FSInn so I don't need to keep changing EFB's settings. Glen
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