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  1. Timonier

    Problems with P3D V. 4/Demo EFB 2.0

    Hello Have you already read the documentation ?? Best Regards Marc
  2. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hello Urs, Thanks for your reply and great thanks for your v2 software. It's wonderful and I've have made some advertising campaign inside our CyberAvia Company for your product. I think some CyberAvia's pilot have buyed the version 2. It's a great pleasure to fly with this excellent product and I'm pretty sure it'll be a very good reference for the sim pilots. For the AI label I've just checked with English for United Kingdom and the problem still remains. So I've no idea where I can find a solution ... perhaps on your side ? Best Regards from Belgium Marc
  3. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hi Jonas, Thanks for your reply. Just checked inside my P3Dv4.3 and I confirm the "-" is correctly interpreted. So it's not a problem coming from MyTraffic. Question : is it not related with the language and region of W10 ? Or perhaps the Aivlasoft team can correct this issue in any case thanks for your support. BR Marc
  4. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hello Mr ATC I use P3Dv4.3 and MyTraffic 6 Professional. BR Marc
  5. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hello, A little problem finded in the Traffic Monitor with the Column (3-Tailnumber) and (5-Flight#) regarding the sign "?". Is it normal ? I use an AZERTY keyboard and living in Belgium. BR Marc
  6. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Bob the third line is visible if you zoom on the map. If you're too far from the A/C only the two first lines appears. Hope this help. BR Marc
  7. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hello, I've a little problem with the third line of trafficAssignments. This line doesn't appear on my EFB2client map .. only the two first lines (on ground and in the air) The values of the ZoomGround and ZoomWorld are the same : 15. Any idea will be appreciated. Thanks BR Marc Update : SOLVED related with the zoom factor
  8. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Great thanks for your sharing Manfred and specially for your Color-settings file. Best Regards from Belgium Marc
  9. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Thanks for your sharing SidStarz Personnaly I use MyTraffic Professional-6a BR Marc
  10. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hi Manfred, Could you share your trafficAssignments.txt here ? Many thanks in advance. Best Regards Marc
  11. Timonier

    AI Label Display

    Hello Ken, One question : where exactly do you put those informations for the AI traffic ? Thanks in advance for your informations. Best Regards Marc Update : OK founded this information on the manual : Labels for the AI traffic can be individually configured or adjusted. Configuration is done within the file „trafficAssignments.txt“ in the Client's datapath, folder "Settings". The file's structure will be explained in the following description.
  12. Timonier

    Deleting multiple flight plans

    Hello Bob, It's quite easy via your file explorer of course Best Regards Marc 😊
  13. Timonier

    Wrong runway description EBLG

    Hello, I'm living near from EBLG and I confirm the Urs's words. The official rwy at EBLG are 04L,04R ,22L and 22R. Best Regards Marc PS : and if you'll change on your map then Check the Database Manual, chapter 2.5
  14. Timonier

    missing runway 11-29 LFBD EFBV2

    Hello Christophe, Do you've a special scenery installed for Bordeaux on P3Dv4.3 ? For me I've only the original scenery of P3Dv4.3.
  15. Timonier

    Profile iFly 737

    Oskar, Here below you'll find the all series of iFly iFly 600 iFly737_600_18k iFly737_600_20k iFly737_600_22k iFly 700 iFly737_700_20k iFly737_700_22k iFly737_700_24k iFly737_700_26k iFly737_700ER_20k iFly737_700ER_22k iFly737_700ER_24k iFly737_700ER_26k iFly 800 iFly737_800_24k iFly737_800_26k iFly737_800_27k iFly 900 iFly737_900_24k iFly737_900_26k iFly737_900_27k iFly737_900ER_24k iFly737_900ER_26k iFly737_900ER_27k iFly 737BBJ iFly737_BBJ_26k iFly737_BBJ_27k iFly737_BBJ2_26k iFly737_BBJ2_27k iFly737_BBJ3_26k iFly737_BBJ3_27k BR, Marc