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  1. Thanks Urs for the clarification and Best Regards Marc
  2. Hello to all the team, Could you kindly check the possibility to add the way for the meteo of OpusFSI_v6 inside the EFB2 Server-Weather. At this moment there's only OpusFSX mentionned for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5. The file "OpusWeather.txt is on C:\OpusFSI_v6\Weather by default. Many thanks in advance. Best Regards Marc
  3. Hi, It's normal because you use the Extended Range so the solution is very easy :-)) Add those two lines : b737-900er ssw and b737-900er bw Marc
  4. Hello For your information EFB2 and FsAerodata aren’t compatible. Uninstall Fsaerodata and go to this site : https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html Good luck Marc
  5. Hello, very easy ON EFB2 Client : 1. Select Profiles available then select B737-800 2. On the right side Properties-General add those two lines : b737-800 ssw and b737-800 bw 3. Click on Apply 4. Restart your EFB2 Client Do the same for the B737-900 with the appropriate profile from EFB2 ('capture screen in attach) Hope this help. Regards Marc
  6. Hello, It was already discussed here : Regards Marc
  7. Hello Oskar, You're right I'll update this profile with your suggestion. The updated profile is in attach. The weight is already adapted with the caracteristics of this A/C. PMDG747-8.profile.xml
  8. Hi Oskar and Terblanche, Please find in attach the PMDG747-8 profile I've done for this aircraft and it works perfectly. Best Regards Marc PMDG747-8.profile.xml
  9. Hello Have you already read the documentation ?? Best Regards Marc
  10. Hello Urs, Thanks for your reply and great thanks for your v2 software. It's wonderful and I've have made some advertising campaign inside our CyberAvia Company for your product. I think some CyberAvia's pilot have buyed the version 2. It's a great pleasure to fly with this excellent product and I'm pretty sure it'll be a very good reference for the sim pilots. For the AI label I've just checked with English for United Kingdom and the problem still remains. So I've no idea where I can find a solution ... perhaps on your side ? Best Regards from Belgium Marc
  11. Hi Jonas, Thanks for your reply. Just checked inside my P3Dv4.3 and I confirm the "-" is correctly interpreted. So it's not a problem coming from MyTraffic. Question : is it not related with the language and region of W10 ? Or perhaps the Aivlasoft team can correct this issue in any case thanks for your support. BR Marc
  12. Hello Mr ATC I use P3Dv4.3 and MyTraffic 6 Professional. BR Marc
  13. Hello, A little problem finded in the Traffic Monitor with the Column (3-Tailnumber) and (5-Flight#) regarding the sign "?". Is it normal ? I use an AZERTY keyboard and living in Belgium. BR Marc
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