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  1. Timonier

    Wrong runway description EBLG

    Hello, I'm living near from EBLG and I confirm the Urs's words. The official rwy at EBLG are 04L,04R ,22L and 22R. Best Regards Marc PS : and if you'll change on your map then Check the Database Manual, chapter 2.5
  2. Timonier

    missing runway 11-29 LFBD EFBV2

    Hello Christophe, Do you've a special scenery installed for Bordeaux on P3Dv4.3 ? For me I've only the original scenery of P3Dv4.3.
  3. Timonier

    Profile iFly 737

    Oskar, Here below you'll find the all series of iFly iFly 600 iFly737_600_18k iFly737_600_20k iFly737_600_22k iFly 700 iFly737_700_20k iFly737_700_22k iFly737_700_24k iFly737_700_26k iFly737_700ER_20k iFly737_700ER_22k iFly737_700ER_24k iFly737_700ER_26k iFly 800 iFly737_800_24k iFly737_800_26k iFly737_800_27k iFly 900 iFly737_900_24k iFly737_900_26k iFly737_900_27k iFly737_900ER_24k iFly737_900ER_26k iFly737_900ER_27k iFly 737BBJ iFly737_BBJ_26k iFly737_BBJ_27k iFly737_BBJ2_26k iFly737_BBJ2_27k iFly737_BBJ3_26k iFly737_BBJ3_27k BR, Marc
  4. Timonier

    Profile iFly 737

    Hi Oskar, That's the three lines I've written in the B737-800 profile : ifly737_800_26k ifly737_800_24k ifly737_800_27k BR, Marc
  5. Timonier

    Profile iFly 737

    Hi Oskar, Followed your instructions and it's now OK for the iFly with the name copied from the .air filename. Many thanks and have a great day. BR, Marc
  6. Timonier

    Profile iFly 737

    Hello Oskar, Many thanks for your guidance. I'll follow your instructions during this day and will post the results. Best Regards and have a nice day. Marc
  7. Timonier

    missing runway 11-29 LFBD EFBV2

    Hi Clive, Strange indeed. Below that's what I've. Running W10 64 bits and EFB Server and Client running as Administrator. P3Dv4.3 and AIRAC 1807 also. Original scenery for LFBD from P3Dv4.3. Best Regards Marc
  8. Timonier

    missing runway 11-29 LFBD EFBV2

    Hi confirm the Oskar's words. runway 11-29 is well present on EFB Client build#70 and EFB Server build#52. Best Regards Marc
  9. Hello to all the team, Is it possible to add the profile for the iFly 737-800 or could you explain the exact words I must to add on the sixth mandatory fields when I create this new profile ? Many thanks in advance and Best Regards Marc
  10. Timonier

    EFB2-Wrong placement rwy LFML

    Update : just rerunning EFB Server with the new build #52 and EFB Client build #70 and the denomination of the rwys are now correct. Best Regards Marc
  11. Hello, Please see my picture regarding the wrong denomination of the rwys on LFML airport (13L in front of 31L and the same for the right side). Any help could be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. PS : EFB Server and Client on the same PC running P3Dv4.3 Best Regards Marc
  12. Timonier


    Oskar, Sorry to disturb you but Navigraph offers an airac cycle for Simbrief aswell as for PFPX so I don't understand your answer Best Regards Marc 😯
  13. Timonier

    EFB version 2.0 status

    Have you read this all post ?? Urs speaks about 20% discount for people with version 1 !!!
  14. Timonier

    EFB version 2.0 status

    Where exactly and when can we find the English version ? Best Regards Marc
  15. Timonier

    EFB version 2.0 status

    What a long time for this beta test ? Could we expect a really version 2.0 this year ? Best Regards Marc