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  1. Thanks Urs. I should have found that thread myself ! I did search ….honest ! That explains it. Just needs a small change to my usual procedure. I can actually get to the stage where I am selecting the stand I will spawn at while displaying other online traffic. I have always restarted my sim before starting anew flight anyway, so it works for me. Still evaluating V2. To be honest I do like it, but having used V1 from just about when it was launched, its really just a matter of getting used to the new version. "Teaching an old dog new tricks" as they say Andrew
  2. Just found reference to this in the Client manual - 13.2. If I am reading this correctly, the VATSIM traffic should be getting displayed even before I connect my vPilot client. I am running the setup on two networked PC's. ie EFB Server and vPilot HOST are on my FSX PC, and EFB Client and vPilot remote client is on a separate PC on the network. Checked the Traffic Monitor on the Server and it's blank until I connect vPilot. When I disconnect vPilot the Monitor clears and does the ground map on the EFB Client. TRFC and T/LBL buttons are green on EFB Client. Andrew
  3. Have been a user of EFB since it first arrived many years ago and currently trying EFB v2 at the moment. One of the things I really liked on v1 was the ability to display VATSIM traffic before making my FSX connection to VATSIM. This enabled me to see where other traffic was on the ground and avoid spawning on VATSIM on to of another plane. OK if we both have crash detection off it's not an issue, but if the poor guy I land on top of doesn't, them I could ruin his day. As far as I can see this is not possible in v2 ? I can only display traffic when I connect the sim to VATSIM, or am I missing something ? Andrew
  4. Fixed Turns out I have been editing the wrong runways.txt file ! When I installed FSX Steam I must have put EFB in a different location, but still had some files on the disk from the previous installation. I have been editing the OLD file. Deleted all the remnants and reinstalled EFB. Working file now. If I had a brain I would be dangerous !!!! Andrew
  5. I have been using EFB for years and had cause to edit the runways.txt file to correct assignments many times without any issues. However, recently I have had cause to edit the file and despite this still get runway assignment errors reported in the data provider. Perhaps only coincidence, this is the first time I have edited runways.txt since changing over the Steam version of FSX. I run the data provider on my main FSX pc and the display unit on another networked PC. Both PC's run Windows 10. Really stumped. As an example, the airport I am having issues with at the moment is LKPR. I have addon scenery for this airport and the data provider is updated. The entry in my runways.txt file is as follows LKPR 12 13 LKPR 30 31 LKPR 04 04 LKPR 22 22 LKPR 13 12 LKPR 31 30 LKPR 06 06 LKPR 24 24 I have gone through the procedure for editing the runways.txt file carefully again and again, but cannot clear the error. Is there any difference when using the Steam version of FSX ? It's not the end of the world, I can always fly somewhere else, but it is bugging the hell out of me why having edited this file many times without problems, I cannot resolve this one . Andrew
  6. Hi Urs, Thank you for the explanation. Unchecking the "Load / Update Garmin GPS" did the trick, although I also had to delete the "EFB_current_garmin.pln" file as FSInn just continued to find it being the last filed plan. All working now. Andrew
  7. Good morning, I've been using EFB for many years, but recently have had the following issue. When I complete a FP in EFB I usually use the "Copy" option on the Route Setup page to copy the ATS Routing. The "include procedures" box is unchecked so as an example it copies the route as follows :- BPK Q295 DAGGA CLN UL620 ARTOV UM604 INBOB DANKO M604 SVA M609 RIPAM Just as I would expect , waypoint , airway and then waypoint at the next change of airway. ie the waypoints along the airway are not shown. I use this to file a FP in FSInn and onward to Vatsim, However, when I press Activate, EFB seems to be then sending the FP to FSInn with all the intermediate waypoints along the airway including those between the departure runway and the first waypoint and the waypints after the final FP waypoint right down to the arrival runway. .....SVA VAVET PIPEX ULMUG RIPAM ROXIM GM410 GM409 GM408 GM407 VALPU OGRAS XIKLA As above, the FP's last waypoint is RIPAM when the STAR starts, but EFB has passed through all the intermediate fixes on the STAR as waypoints. Additionally, in this example I was mid flight when I posted, and by pressing Activate mid flight without making any changes to the FP, EFB has sent through what seems to be only the remaining waypoints on the flight which definitely did not happen before. I have looked about to see if I have checked something somewhere, but cannot get to the root of this. Is there a way to stop EFB passing the route through to FSInn and Vatsim ? Hope this makes sense ! Andrew
  8. Firstly, good to see you are back online after the spam moron did his mischief ! Though I would just update you on this issue. I exchanged emails with Gary Summer at UK2000 and let him see the screen shot of the chart generated by the EFB. He understood the issue but it's unavoidable. In the UK2000 Heathrow scenery it is necessary to have overlaying taxi lines and nodes to maximize AI traffic flow. It's also necessary to control the A380 AI as they are only allowed on certain routes, so the overlay is also used to stop A380s using certain taxiways due to width restrictions. So, it's maybe an issue unique to Heathrow, but I guess depending on how scenery designers set up the AI control, it may arise elsewhere from time to time. As I said before, it is a very minor issue as it is only the taxiway lettering that gets overlaid. The taxiways themselves on the chart and in the FSX scenery are fine. Nothing more to be done, but thought you may be interested to know just in case something similar comes up elsewhere. Thanks again for your help. Regards Andrew
  9. Hi Urs, Thank you for that info. That at least confirms the suspicion that its the EGLL Extreme bgl file that's the cause. I will feed that info back to them. I do suspect it's a problem with the re-installation of EGLL Extreme as I had been using it for a few years without a problem. It's only since the reinstall this has happened. Thanks again for checking out that file for me. Regards Andrew
  10. Thanks for the reply Urs. I think the UK2000 Heathrow scenery may be the culprit. Since may post I have found that parts of the install are missing nor can I properly uninstall it to do a clean reinstall. I have emailed UK2000 support for assistance. However, the attached BGL file seems to be the one that generates the duplicate taxiway letters on the EFB ground chart. If I remove it I get the FSX default ground chart in EFB. It could be that the default EGLL bgl has not been excluded by the UK2000 installation, but I do not know where to find that file to try removing it. Any help appreciated, and I will report back when I hear from UK2000. Andrew EFB screen.zip egll_AFX_UK2xGEN.zip
  11. I use FSX with Heathrow Extreme scenery installed. Just recently when I create a FP in EFB the Heathrow Ground Charts have appeared rather odd. Some of the taxiway letter designators on the chart seem to be superimposed on top of each other. I deactivated the Heathrow Extreme layer in the scenery library and rebuilt the EFB database and it displayed the default Heathrow ground chart without any issue. When I reactivated the Extreme scenery and again rebuilt the database, the superimposed taxiway letters reappear. It's as though the chart is laying the Extreme ground scenery on top of the FSX default. I have had EFB for many years and used Extreme Scenery without any problem. This problem has just started recently. It's not a major problem as its only the taxiway letters that seem to be superimposed. The taxiways and runways are all OK.
  12. Thanks for the update but I use Vatsim data not IVAO and I am getting the same issue. Original post here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1678 Andrew
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I'll sit tight and wait on Support. It does not cause any real issue anyway other than just a nagging error box now and then. Thanks Andrew
  14. I run EFB with the display module on a networked PC without any issues for a few years. Recently, during flights I periodically get a error box appear saying "Currently it is not possible to download online data due to the following reason : The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive." The display seems to be working normally though, with Vatsim data ( other aircraft ) appearing on the map etc. Recent flight, this occurred about 3 times in one hour. Any ideas what could be causing this ? Andrew
  15. Thanks Urs. I'll just need to plan my northern latitude flights a bit earlier in the day for now Looking forward to version 2. I won't ask when it will be ready - it will be ready when its ready ! Regards Drew
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