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  1. Right click the ghost window in the taskbar image and select "Move" and then press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard to bring back a lost window. As you click the Move option then an arrow key the window will attach itself to your mouse pointer.
  2. Don't worry about it it will not cause any harm I shouldn't think. If there are errors in depiction of the airport charts then investigate further, otherwise just ignore it.
  3. If you kill the app rather than letting it close elegantly it probably won't save its settings, either that or there is some permissions problem now for some reason and EFB is unable to save its settings file, check for read only being set by mistake too, etc.
  4. I suggest you look again the last update was a month ago.
  5. The error has always been there depending on what scenery you have installed and is inconsequential i.e. it causes no problems other than the message in the data provider during an update.. A search of the forum will show that this has been brought up in the past too if I remember correctly and the same advice was given.
  6. Simply run the Navigraph exe on the FSX PC and it will install automatically, there is no need to do anything on the Displayunit PC.
  7. It depends what products you have. If you only have Global and EU LC then no. If you have any regional products then ideally you want all of those active when you do a scenery update, but I realise that is not possible in all cases. Personally I now only have Global and EU LC installed neither of which need a scenery build as they include no airports, but I also have all the UK regional products installed which do require adding to the EFB library. If you leave FTX central in Global mode with Hybrid mode active you can run a scenery build now and that should capture the details of all the airports you have in your regional products. I don't have all my ORBX products installed though so can't confirm if it works 100%. So in summary if you are going to be flying into an FTX regional product and it wasn't active the past time you did a rebuild of the scenery in EFB, then yes you will have to rebuild it again this time.
  8. Hi Theo, I suggest you send the log files to Urs via email as suggested by Travis in his last reply to you.
  9. See rule number 3 Suitable keywords would be; Tablet iPad Android Windows RT Also if I remember correctly make sure you actually have a departure, arrival, and approach assigned in EFB or it won't switch to those pages, instead you will only get departure ground, enroute, then arrival ground.
  10. Is it talking about the version of the sim you are using then? If you are using FSX and P3D you have to tell the data provider which sim you are going to use, if EFB then detects you are not using the sim selected in the provider it warns you.
  11. I think this means that the Data provider version does not match the Display unit version, download a fresh copy of the installer from the website and reinstall both parts, that should fix it.
  12. You can use as many display units as you like, I use two sometimes depending on what I am doing. The manual explains how to go about setting it up.
  13. You need to either fix your seriously slow wireless connection or you need to buy a network switch to put into your room with the FSX and EFB PCs, then you can plug the switch into the wall socket and plug your PC's into the switch also.
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