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  1. See above. We have absolutely no influence on the content of the ARINC datasets prepared for EFB2 by Navigraph or NavDataPro. It's a pure sink or swim situation...đŸ™„
  2. Yes, that's basically it. The "normal" navaids (VORs, NDBs TACANs etc) are in the default scenery BGLs with the Prefix APX*** (airport layouts, ILS) and NVX*** (all other navaids). You can only tune a navaid if it is defined within a BGL file. In the case of the ILS usually the Aiport AddOn Designers include the most recent ILS in their airport layout BGL. This will then kinda "oversteer" the default ILS (if wrong in the default BGL) and replace it with the correct data. Most of it is described in the linked article to our Q&A section. Unfortunately this is the way all FSX/P3D (so-called MS-based simulators) work with with navaids. EFB2 of course uses the most recent (if regularly updated) ARINC data, but this is only used for display within EFB2. You can never tune a navaid that is only used in EFB2. Just as a sidenote: X-Plane is much more straightforward in this respect. there is only ONE database used throughout the entire simulator and this database is updateable within the 4-weeks AIRAC Cycle. So in fact there cannot be any conflict with any navaids, if both EFB2 and S-Plane use the same AIRAC Cycle, because all navaids within the same cycle are identical.
  3. Hi Alexander, Frequency and ident of a navaid are compared with "real world" data from ARINC. But the navaid is still defined in the BGL! In the case of LOWW I use FlyTampa's LOWW AddOn and it shows all frequencies and ID correctly. All those ILS data are contained in the Airport BGL "LOWW_DEICE_ADEP4_FLYTAMPA.bgl" and crosschecked with ARINC data. The "problem" of ILS categorization is a simple flag in the ARINC dataset and of no importance for correct display of frequency and ID. The only difference it makes, is that in the Approach Profile the Minima Columns for CAT II and CAT III are showing up, but of course with the remark "NA". That's all... Addendum: I just checked FlyTampa, ORBX and the default airport , the latter however only in P3DV4, and all show 4 correct ILS installations. So your installation must be outdated regarding ILS.
  4. Hi Dirk, Thank you for your kind words on EFB2! Great that you could sort the pop-ups out.
  5. Hi Dirk, Have you checked the "sim text message" option on the ActiveSky Options Menu? Funny thing is that I never see any message window popping up despite exactly the same error is showing if I do some trials without AS being active. IMHO there are at least two possibilities for AS to issue a warning, if not suppressed in the menu. Just a thought anyway. I wouldn't know of any pop-up window from EFB2 in that context.
  6. Hi Dirk, I cannot speak for Navigraph Services but the usual standard is to indicate the main path which would be ...\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Server. All subpaths are handled by the installation tool. At least I see that with NavDataPro. I would presume that Navigraph is not handling things differently.
  7. Hi Dirk, That's the part that I don't understand. When I use EFB2 without ActiveSky, the same happens, but I never see a window (I guess the EFB2 Server?) pop up. Have you ever tried to use the "send to tray" option of the Server?
  8. Yes, correct. You need to download the EFB2 database from Navigraph.
  9. Hi Lorenzo, No, this is not a "demo" issue. There is actually no special "demo" version. It is the full version limited to a 30-day trial period. What do you mean by "default" folder? If the navigation data are in the correct folder, they will be recognized by the DbBuilder. See screenshot:
  10. please read our FAQ: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4264-why-are-ils-approaches-not-showing/
  11. Hi Pedro, Windows does not - for any reason unknown to us - allow accessing the path. We do really need more information about your complete Installation. Please retrieve the Support Files for both Server and Client from the Windows Start menu. Anyway for a first and basic installation we would heavily recommend to use the default installation paths.
  12. Hi Stephen, This looks indeed very strange. Could you do me a favour: please uninstall both Server and Client (using the normal Win Apps uninstaller), the reinstall both again. Make sure that you run both installer with the rightclick option "run as admin" and disable your AV software for the installation process. Then try to build the database again. When the DbBuilder has finished, please make a screenshot of the DbBuilder. Thank you for your cooperation.
  13. Please Pieter, We need more details. Which Sim? Which version of FSUIPC? All items properly set on the Settings page and on the Toolbar?
  14. Please Pieter, We need more details. Add-On/Default? Which Sim? Did you check this section ? https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/
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