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  1. Hi Urs As mentioned above EFB is showing the UNICOM frequency 122.80. This frequency is correct except for Brazil and South Africa. https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=38243 says: «In the case of Brazil and South Africa, different frequencies are used because 122.800 is a frequency used by ATC in those countries and published charts and procedures detail 122.800 for use. The designated UNICOM frequency in Brazil is 123.450, in South Africa it is 124.800.» Is it possible to ad that on a next version of EFB? Regards Felix
  2. Hi Urs Thank you for your input. I did a flight today with «initialZoom» of 1.2 and will try another one with 1.4 tomorrow. The view is much better now and I have just a little distortion. I will try some more settings but I am confident it will work out. Anyway, I did by the license. Two coffees less for me next week Regards Felix
  3. Hi Urs I am testing SimpleCam and I am quite happy with the functionality but .... I am using 3 Screens as Visuals, no panels as I have them as hardware. Now, to get a more or less believable view out of the cockpit, I have to set the Zoom for the camara1 in the FLT file to 1.25. With the standard zoom settings, that SimpleCam is using the view out of the cockpit on the left and right hand side is too much distorted. I am verry sorry about that, but it seems that I have to deinstall this little program. Or is there a solution I am not aware off? Regards Felix
  4. On the departure charts from VATSIM I am finding the Initial climb clearances. But I can't find them on the EFB-Charts. Are they missing or do I don't see this clearances? Regards Felix
  5. Changing of TCP Port No. did help so far. Happy Landing Felix
  6. Could the problem be with the C++ runtime library? Because GEX is installing something called VC++. Felix
  7. The smiley was a bit too early. Same problem again. Data provider is running and the Display Unit can't reach the data provider. First I thought that GEX is blocking the connection so removed GEX from my PC. But this didn't helped either . So I am stuck again. I am running EFB on a Network and I didn't had any problems for the past 12 months. I also remarked, when the system was running yesterday, that the speed of the aircraft on the VATSIM Network was much faster than normal. Happy Landing Felix
  8. AIRAC cycle : 1202 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 09/FEB/2012 - 07/MAR/2012 Greatings Felix
  9. I did a new install of the software on both PC's after the Microsoft security update for the dot.net framework and I corrected the simmconnect.xml. Now every ting is running like before. Thank you for your help Felix
  10. With RWY05 in use, all aircraft to Paris and England get the SIROD5 departure. The departure is described as follows: «Climb on GVA R-046. When passing 7000', but not before D8 GVA turn LEFT, 360 degree track. Intercept DJL R130 inbound to SIROD.» In EFB the SID starts at the end of RWY23 with a left hand turn, then parallel to the runway to reach SIROD somehow. Can this be fixed? Happy Landing
  11. My Display Unit can't connect to the Data Provider and in the Data Provider I have a message saying «SimmConnect status "inactive". How can I solve the problem and set SimmConnect active again? Thanks for your help Felix
  12. After updating the scenery database with FSX the update in the Data Provider did run without any problems. No error messages any more. Felix
  13. After installing the TNCM Scenery from Fly Tampa I and got the following error message from the Data provider: "Could not read "scenery.cfg" due to the following error: Die Zeichenfolge wurde nicht als gültiger Boolean erkannt." This message is displayed after reading of Area 111. Any ideas what went wrong? Felix
  14. Hallo Andy Thanks for your tip. I see the strip again. Felix
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