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  1. Hello, I have the latest version 2.2 build122. Still I get missing ILS approaches. I update regular monthly the navdata. I created new but stil no solution? Any help available? Frans van Zantbeek
  2. Hello. I use EFB2 for all my flights and mostly they are fine and correct. But when I load the 757 collection and the 788 collection it comes with the message that the profiles don not exist? There is a profile of the 757 and I created another but the message still comes up. How to solve this? Regards from The Netherlands Frans van Zantbeek
  3. Hello Oskar, You maybe know that it is Sinterklaus in The Neteherlands. He brings always suprises. This morning I started W10 and it did the new update. After that I started FSX-SE and finally it came up with the message that I have to aprove the use of SimpleCam. That was my suprise as the message did not more appear on the screen. So it is Solved I do not know why but it is working. So problem solved and again a Happy Customer. Thanks for your time Regards Frans van Zantbeek
  4. Hello Yes the problem starts over again but I have a question. I send here the settings file it has created. Settings.txt
  5. Hello goodmorning Oskar, Thanks for your assistance. Yes when I installed the program it creates a file Standard.xml.simpleCamBackup and removedKeys This is there and now? Frans
  6. Hello Oskar, Yes I did this was a mistake from my side by mistyping here the wrong word it must be controls. But even that It does not work. Sorry that nobody can comeup with a help. Regards Frans
  7. Hello Oskar, The selection is FSX-SE The you have to add manually : C:\users\frans\appdata\roaming\microsoft\fsx\contro;s\standard.xml I have a W10 system. EFB is working very good but this will not even start. I have done all in the config file as mentioned in the manual. When I close the configurator I statred FSX-SE and have opend in the VC. Nothing happens even when I click again on the shortcut. When I then will look to the config it gives me the presented earlier message. Frans
  8. Hello Oskar, I have all simconnects in FSX-se activated. I got his message: The object reference is not set on an instance of an object. When I totaly uninstalled the program and run the setup again it opens the configurator. There I select FSX-SE and set the desired pad to FSX-SE. Then I start my FSX and have a PMDG 777 in VC and then when I click on the program nothing happens even if I have the selection on :Start with FSX. When I then go to the configurator the above mentioned message come up. What can be he trick to have it running. Rega
  9. Hello. Bought Simplecam and installed. Installer tells all okay. When I click on the settings I confirm start with fsx. But nothing happens. When manually start also nothing happens. Have FSX-SE have found the file as mentioned in manual but nothing appears there for Simplecam Yes in my FSX config it is there but further no action. Any idea? Frans van Zantbeek
  10. Hello Urs and GG-Flyer, I have downloaded and installed Microsoft NetFramework 4.0. I think and again I think that this solved maybe the problem? Why? Because this afternoon I made a flight online with REX for FSX and EFB and it was going well. I have the Displayunit on my laptop and that works fine. I have opened the Dataprovider on my FSX PC to see messages and the only messages I receive are from connection time and flightplan created. This was today at 15.37.44 Therafter I only received at: 15.59.07 Warning connection terminated caused by: TmeoutSND. Then at 15.59.28 Inf
  11. Hello my dear frien GG-Flyer, Are you unhappy then I am unhappy because as you mentioned I have a wonderfull PC and it makes flying with FSX a joyfull hobby special when you can do that online for at least 6 hours a day. I am pensioner so what let me having fun and as real as it gets. And yes EFB was working fine and exelent yesterday without any problem. Icould play with it like never before. No problem but that was only with FSX and EFB. That log from SimConnect is send to Urs. Today I will do a flight nwith FSX, EFB and Rex. I willkeep you informe and regarding your question:
  12. Hello GG-Flyer, To come back to your questions: What are your FSX and EFB installation paths? (I have neither installed in my "Program Files" directory.) I have installed FSX on a different HD not to the Progarm Files this is mentioned already in so many forums Do you run EFB and FSX "as administrator"? (I have both shortcuts set to do so. I also run REX, RC, etc. "as admin.") I run all programs as Admin IIRC you have tried many different OSes in your search for the "best FSX platform" for your use. I assume that each time you changed your OS, you did so on a completely clean hard dri
  13. Hello Urs, My replies to your questions and first off all I appreciate all your work to find out a solution: - What other add-ons are simultaneously installed and running on your computer at the moment when the exception is raised? The only add-onn that is running is REX for FSX - Does the exception also occur if EFB is the ONE AND ONLY add-on using SimConnect? I will try this tonight as only add-onn runing EFB and create a logfile and send that to you. So I will use FSX and a default FSX plane only EFB and fly online. Tommorow or tonight I hope to send you the log-file.
  14. Hello GG-Flyer, My answers to your request: Can you describe your FSX freezing more exactly? Does FSX stutter for a brief time and then the video freezes? Or does the video come to a stop all of a sudden? Does the video "black out" or "freeze?" Does the audio continue or does it stop? No it does not stutter. It comes to a stop and the audio continues. The screen becomes greyish so you can look through it like misty Since your freezes do not occur within an hour of starting, can we assume that you do not have the EFB option to sync your FSX clock to your PC clock checked? No I hav
  15. Hello Apostolos, The freezing I had was for sure due to the dll mentioned. But with EFB I still have freezing when that application isrunning. I had freezing of the FSX when I launched all my add-ons like ASE, REX, FSC. This is totaly solved by the UIAutomationcore.dll topic. But the Freezing of the EFB is still there in my case mostly after 1 hour or two. I fly regular 3 to 4 hours flights and then it is a pitty to redo them without EFB who give me more info then any other add-onn. And because I am flying on-line I have to redo the leg and then it will take much longer when you h
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