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  1. Hello Urs, Thank you for your quick reply! That's something I was already thinking about. The good thing is that the EFB also can display the ActiveSky weather so the weather displayed is always the same as in the Simulator, although sometimes it's not always the most current weather, something I've to except. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, Is there a way to increase the download interval for getting the real world weather? The metar showed in Aivlasoft EFB is always older than the one published on the NOAA website. Even manually clicking on the Refresh button (settings - global) doesn't load the latest weather from NOAA. It looks like this button doesn't work at all. The funny thing is that if I (as a workaround) select a different weather provider like for example ActiveSky click apply the correct and latest metar gets loaded and correctly displayed in the EFB, so the METAR from ActiveSky is newer then the METAR "loaded" from NOAA Thanks,
  3. Thank you for your reaction! In the subforum there's something mentioned in a topic that there are some bugs, are they still there or already fixed? Maybe that's the reason why there are so less contributions and little interest in making more minima files. EFB v2 is such a great product, come on guys make the community also like that, and help each other providing more files we can share 😉
  4. Hello, Could somebody please point me in the right direction to find some more real minima files? Or are the 4 files, above in the contributions subforum provided by Aivlasoft, really the only ones? Thanks, Björn
  5. Yes, maybe it's just me I tought it would be cool to have an all in one solution and don't have to open a dozen of windows, because I already have thousands of windows open and programs running in the background while flightsimming
  6. Yes I understand what you're saying. But, there's also this great function implemented to view my own files (documents library) And while I was playing around with this I got the idea wouldn't it be great to have the possibility to have also a web view here
  7. Okay, you're right. Ofcourse the scratchpad is very useful for this kind of temporary information. But I don't know if you already read one of my post in another topic. It was about the initial climb altitude normally found on the charts and not displayed on the SID info of the EFB. I understand that the software can't get this info out of the airac circles, but if we could make OWN notes we could (for example) provide ourselves with missing information we normally get from the charts
  8. A great solution for this "problem" would be to create the possibility to insert own notes at the procedures page (SID) Then everyone can insert the info he needs there from the navigraph charts
  9. I don't think you understand my question. Opening this calculation website was an example. I just want to have the possibility to open a website
  10. Great feature! Please explain to me what's the use of a scratchpad that doesn't save my notes?
  11. The scratchpad doesn't save the notes. Everything is deleted after a new start
  12. Hi, The advantage is very easy: I don't have to open another window with all the already open windows while flightsimming...... And for me personally the main reason is I want to use an internet site for performance calculations because topcat hasn't the profiles for the fslabs planes
  13. Hello, It would be awesome to have/get the possiblility to open a webbrowser directly in the EFB, is this maybe a feature that's on your agenda for future releases? Thank you very much, Björn
  14. Hello, Maybe I'm missing something, but is it possible to create private notes somewhere in the EFB (and to save them)? Thank you, Björn
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