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  1. Hello Urs. Problem solved. I corrected the path to the scenery.cfg in the data base builder and now it works. Thank you for your help. Axel
  2. And here the Client file. Client_202003201421.txt
  3. Here is the server file. Axel Server_202003200944.txt
  4. I have the problem that EFB does not find all airports if I try to find them via the "Airport" button in the upper left client corner or while trying to create a flight plan. All airports starting with the letter "L" in the ICAO code (i.e. Swiss, Spanisch or Austrian airports) or "G" are missing. Munich as another eample is missing as well and most probably many more. What can cause that problem? I use EFB 2.1 build 115 (licensed version, running on a networked mashine), Windows 10, P3D V4.5 and have on all addons the current airac cycle (NG-2003/R1). Thanks Axel
  5. Good to know Jonas. Let´s wait for the next update. Axel
  6. Hello. I am using the EFB V2 with the server and P3D on the main PC and the client on a second PC. In regards to the manual I understood that I can change the folder to store my flight plans via settings/folder/EFB routes on the client. I changed the directory to another folder and saved it. When I now create a flight plan via the internet button and save it, there is still the default folder. I can change it manually but I don´t want to do it every time. The "master" sign is shown. Did I miss anything? Axel
  7. After hours of testing and checking everything coming in my mind I found the solution finally just by chance. So far I have done my flights always in the following order: starting EFB, plan and safe a route, start the FSX. Result: CTD. Then I started at first the FSX and placed the Citation at the ramp at the airport and started afterwards the EFB for planning issues. You know what? It worked, no CTD. I don't know whether it is written down anywhere in the manual that I have to start FSX first and then EFB and whether that should be the normal procedure. But normally I plan at first the route. However, now it works and I can use both programmes . Axel
  8. Urs, Thank you for your email. On the one hand I am happy that the problem seems not to be caused from EFB or the Citation but on the other hand there is now a huge variety of possible reasons. I will let you know what the reason was if I will find it. Axel
  9. I forgot to answer the question about the airacs. Yes, I installed airac 1302 for all my addons and I hope they are all in the correct directory. But Aivlasoft's airac is called 1302v2. Does it matter? Axel
  10. It is good to know that it works on your system and it gives me some hope that I will be able to use both EFB and the Citation as well. I've just tried to do a flight from Innsbruck to Sion and I had a CTD at the time I was still at the ramp. I will send the error message with the logfiles to you Urs. Axel
  11. One year ago I had some Problems with the EFB in conjunction with FSUIPC and the Citation X (see my post from 19.02.12). Now I reinstalled my entire system (Windows 7 ultimate 64bit, FSX) and installed the latest version of the EFB (1.3.7). Now I don't have a problem with FSUIPC but flying the Eaglesoft Citation X together with the EFB causes always CTD. Sometimes during take off sometimes already at the gate. Am I the only one having those problems (because I didn't find any post about it) and what could be the reason? I got an error message in EFB but it is pretty long (7 pages) and I don't want to post it here. But if anyone believes he can read that error message (I can't) I would send it immediately to get a chance to solve the problem. Regards Axel
  12. Currently there is nothing you could do for me because I am happy with the previous EFB version. Might be that the problem will be solved with the next EFB update. But to answer your question: The menu item with the FSUIPC submenu was still there but when I clicked on it FSUIPC didn´t open and the menu closed. To be honest I don`t understand what that means and I didn`t understand everything Pete wrote because it was partially really heavy stuff for me . Axel
  13. I have the Citation X from Eaglesoft, FSUIPC 4.8 and the EFB. After updating EFB to version 1.3.2 the following fault occured: Always when I reached cruise level and set thrust lever to cruise FSUIPC stopped working. As a result my joystick didn`t work, thrust was only adjustable with the keyboard, radio settings were not posssible, FMC didn`t work anymore etc. I checked that problem a couple of days with Pete Dowson assuming it was an FSUIPC problem. But it wasn`t. After downgrading EFB to version 1.3.1 SP5 the problem disappeared and everything works properly now. I have that problem only in combination with the Eaglesoft Citation X and EFB 1.3.2. Did someone else notice that problem? Regards Axel
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